Monday, July 8, 2019

When the narcissistic sociopath is a parent...

Toxic parents who abuse their partners and children are some of the darkest, and most evil people in our world. They are the most evolutionary caustic types  of human beings on the planet, if they can really even considered to be human at all...

Truly, as parental figures, such people with a known propensity for sociopathic traits and Malignant Narcissism should never be encouraged to breed.

Unfortunately though, they feel they must have children and a husband/wife in order to blend in with the world. They paint a picture to the world as the perfect all American family. When they are anything but that. But their goal is to appear as normal as possible to the world. They fear being exposed for the monster that they really are.

When sociopaths and narcissist decide to start a family and bring innocent children in the world, they do this for ALL the wrong reasons. Their intentions are not good. They only want the children as pawns to manipulate situations.

I am really referring to the female sociopath/narcissist.  Because having children makes people assume you are maternal and as a mother and caretaker of a small innocent child, the women is less likely to get exposed for the evil that she is. And she is also able to gain more sympathy from others with the children. Since she always will have a poor poor pitiful me story to tell everyone.

The female narcissist/sociopath is the most evil of evil, because she  gets away with abusing, manipulating and hurting for so long, because having children she is less likely to be suspected of being such an evil vindictive individual. 

She has a only evil reasons for wanting children so badly.

First off she needs these children to manipulate others with them. If she is married she manipulate her husband with them. If she is divorced, she uses the children to manipulate her ex husband, and control his life. She will attempt to get as much money as possible out of him for the children. Child support will not ever be enough for her. She will ask for money for this and that for the children. And the money never is spent on what the children. The ex husband will usually have to end up getting the children all the things that they need. Although the sociopathic mother said she needed money for it, she never uses any of the money on the children. She will control the ex husbands life with the children. This makes it hard to find love again. The female sociopath loves to waste the time of others. When it is the fathers time with his kids. She will hide them from him, sending him on a wild goose chase for hours until enough of his time is wasted then she will finally be available so that he can get them from her.
I witnessed a sociopathic mother do this to her ex husband for years. He was to pick them up at her home at 5 on Fridays. But when he arrived at 5, the children were not there. She would tell him they went with a friend to go look at kittens somewhere or play in the park, but to come back in an hour and they would be back. The father would come back in an hour. The children were still not home, and she always had an excuse, like they decided to get ice cream they will be back soon. So the father could wait in driveway awkwardly or go to grocery store and get some food and things for him and the kids for the weekend. When he would return around 7, no one would be at the sociopathic mother’s house. He would call her, and she would say that he took so long they decided to get something to eat. He would ask her if he could just pick them up at the restaurant they were at. She would say no. She would say come back at 9. So he has just wasted 4 hours trying to pick up his children. Finally when he would come back at 9. They would be home. And of course each kid (there were 2, a boy around 8 and and a girl around 12) they would have friends with them.

The sociopathic mother never told him about friends being with them, ask if that was ok. But at 9pm he was to good of a person to not allow the children’s friends to come with him. So she basically wasted his entire evening with his children and when he finally got them, they had friends over that he was going to have to care for as well.

He would also have to get the kids bags together. They stayed with him until Tuesday so he would have to get their backpacks for school and school clothes.

The sociopathic mother would intentionally take out certain items that she knew the kids would need for school or need in general, just to inconvenience her ex husband and waste more of his time. 

This is just one true example of how things were when this loving father would try to pick his children up on Friday. And how the female sociopath would make it so hard for him to do this.
This only what she did to him when he was trying to see and get his children. She did much worse than this. He never knew what she would do to make life hell for him next. But he was a smart man, so he was always expecting something.

She made everything miserable for him. Every birthday for the children was filled with her making it into drama. She would throw her own party for the kids (or actually her mother did all the work) And she also expected to be 100% in control of whatever the father had planned for the kids. And she expected him to pay for both.

It was hard for him to plan vacations to the beach with his children without her controlling every aspect of it. She would tell him last minute that the kids wanted to bring a friend with them to the beach. So his family beach vacation, turned into him having to watch his 2 children and his daughters 2 friend and the sons 1 friend. He didn’t say no, I will not do this because of the wrath that she would cause.

He basically lived life, trying to just have a minute of peace. Which he got very little.

She not only manipulated him with the children. She manipulated her mother with them as well. Mainly to get money out of the mother. Which she would say was because their POS dad refused to give to her. Even though he had given her the money, then she collected money from the mother, but never spent it on the kids. The father always had to end up getting whatever it was she claimed they needed.
As if the $3500 a month child support was not enough.
It was not enough. 
Nothing would ever be enough for this evil woman 

Why did This man never take this evil vindictive woman to court and fight for custody? Because the fax was she was never taken care of the children when they were at a young age because she did not want to take care of children that were younger and not self-sufficient. She was a very selfish woman. But she was an attorney and she knew the law very well. And she knew how to manipulate the system and as most of you know it is very hard to beat a  this man never take this evil vindictive woman to court and fight for custody? Because the fact was she was never taking care of the children when they were at a young age because she did not want to take care of children that were young and not self-sufficient. She was a very selfish woman. But she was an attorney and she knew the law very well. And she knew how to manipulate the system and as most of you know it is very hard to beat and sociopath or narcissist in court.
 They are able to turn everything around on you making you look like the horrible parent.  They will make up lies and they will end up making it so they have even more power over you. And still collect your money at the same time.

Watching a parent lie and manipulate others is absolutely brutal for children of narcissistic and sociopathic parents to have to endure. Not only does it cause them unregulated amounts
of Social, EMOTIONAL, and PHYSICAL PAIN to see a villain succeed, it 
shakes their faith.


  1. I have, at least, 3 narcissist in my life. I went no contact 19 months ago. He will not leave me a lone. He somehow got on my work site & so did his minions. He must have posted with another name. He gives me a message, in somebody's names & talks to me about bullies & children. Then, he starts talking to me about chemical corruption. I had no wish to discuss a topic like this & asked him to slow down & stop & he wouldn't. When, I was saying bye & meant it, he threatened me.

  2. Contact the police. Get a restraining order against him. Also have an attorney write up a a cease and desist letter.
    So he can no longer slander you and try to ruin your reputation. More than likely the narcissist will ignore this letter.
    You need to make your work and your coworkers very aware that this person is dangerous. Do whatever you have to do to make sure that they know how dangerous he is. Even if that means exaggerate the truth. You need to tell them that he is threatened your life that he has threatened to kill you. Whatever you have to do because if you do not go to extreme measures to get rid of this person so they do not come up to your work or to your home then they will continue to come up to your home. And one day he may kill you!
    You must protect yourself! Do you understand what I’m saying? You are dealing with an evil person that has no conscience and no moral compass.
    Do not post anything on social media, because that is how they stock you. Just be very aware of your surroundings