Sunday, May 18, 2014

Manipulation by using Children - sick sociopaths

Sociopaths lives are empty. They don't have real meaningful relationships with anybody. They pretend to care about others - only because it benefits them in some way. A sociopath is not mentally ill, they are disordered, they do not think the way "normal" people think. Their thinknng is distorted, they realize what they are doing is wrong, they simply don't care. Sociopaths  know exactly what they are doing – they know that they are lying, stealing and they enjoy it. They are proud when they have manipulate someone who smarter or more successful than them. 
So why can't they be reformed? The answer is simple. They do not want to be reformed. They are hard wired to hurt, win, and lie. They will never change or be reformed. If you try to help them, they hate you more. 
Sociopaths are unable to love or be loved. They use manipulation, lies and deceit to trick someone into believing they love them. So what the other person is experiencing when involved with a sociopath is not love. Its infatuation.
The other person doesn't understand that they are being manipulated and brain washed until it's too later. 

Sociopaths LOVE to waste your time. Example: if you share children with the sociopath, and you are divorced from the sociopath — the children are older (say 13 and 16). You are able to communicate with your children and your children communicate with you. The sociopath just can't stand that you and your children are able to talk without her being the middle man (woman). The children always text you or call when they need to know something or ask you something. Basically the sociopath creates drama just because it waste your time. Once you "get" this and realize that No Contact is the only way to go. Your life becomes much easier. The sociopath will always try but just stand your ground and never give in to her bullshit. 
Once the kids are adults - then what will she do? Believe me she will find something to bother you about. Continue to ignore her and act as if she doesn't exist. Her life is crap and not worth acknowledging...

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