Monday, May 12, 2014

Sociopath and their games

  • They like to retain control
  • They do not like exposure
  • They are secretive because of the above
  • They do not think that they have done anything wrong
  • In  their own mind, they would prefer to shift the blame onto you. They never take ownership for any of the shit they do..
  • If you take them back, they will pretend to have changed for a little while. But they haven't changed. They start to cheat and lie again. They take their abuse up a notch or two. 
  • There lack of an answer is a clear indication they are lying. - they are always lying - incapable of the truth 
  • They have a sense of entitlement that they can behave in that way - and never face any repercussions. 
  • They do not want to go over the past

The most important one of all, is that they like to keep control. They do this by playing tricks and mind games. Keeping you guessing. But if you refuse to play their game then they will move on, and find another victim. 

Even a sociopath who has suddenly discarded you without warning, will not let go of trying to control you. You would think that perhaps they might. Especially if they have found another person to abuse, lie and cheat on. They will pretend that they have good intentions. So they keep you hanging on. This gives them control over you whilst you are waiting for answers. 

Don't fall for their tricks and don't play their games. Cut off all communication. Never respond. Better yet. Get another phone number. Let them text and call you - using your old number. And rarely check it. If the sociopath knows you have blocked or changed numbers. They will seek to find the new number and continue to harass and stalk you and waste your time. 

That's all sociopaths do is Waste our time. So many people have lost so much of their life because of a relationship with a sociopath. And they have to waste time picking up the pieces that the is left after the sociopaths destruction. 

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