Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where does the disappearing Sociopath go?

One thing with sociopaths that I have personally noticed is how they seem to always disappear for hours, even days...

Sociopaths hate responsibility. They don't like anything that requires them take time away from THEM! But they put up a false appearance as a caring person ( to those who don't really know them). Sociopaths will drop their children off at a friends house, tell the friend that they have to run an important errand and not come back for hours. No one can get in touch with them, their phone is off, then are no where to be found. Leaving the person who was watching their children in a bad spot. The sociopath doesn't care who they inconvenience. They don't care that other people have emotions. They don't care that someone else has their own children and life. It doesn't even cross their mind. 

So where does the sociopath go?  That is still a mystery. But more than likely the sociopath has many sexual partners. And they have left their children to meet up with a married man they are having an affair with at a hotel. Or just meeting up for sex with someone else they are having sex with. Most all sociopaths have a strong sexual appetite. And are sexually aggressive. With female sociopaths this is because they have more testosterone than normal females. Which would explain their broad shoulders and aggressiveness.