Thursday, May 1, 2014


Psychopath. Sociopaths. Narcissist
No matter what you call them. They are all ruthless people, who are ONLY concerned with themselves. They are not concerned with anyone's feelings. They abuse, hurt, cheat, lie, and use people. 

They excel in lying. They are even able to pass lie detector test. They have no qualms about lying. They are incaple of the truth - even if the truth is a better option. They are hard wired in their brains to lie. 

Scientist's have proven that the Female psychopath have a high testosterone level. Elevated levels higher than a normal woman. 

All psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissist are serial cheaters. A sociopathic woman has usually been married over 4 times by the time she turns 40, even more strangely she may have married one of the same man twice. This is because she becomes bored with just one lover. And she gets caught - and moves on to the next, but if that man doesn't prove that he is "father" material. And will be able to support the children she wants to have. She may choose to leave that man. And will call up the last who seemed to be a better "father". She doesn't do this for the welfare of her children. She doesn't this to ensure her own future. A future of living the good life and not have to lift a finger to do it. Of course after the children are conceived, she goes back to her cheating ways – very soon. She is sexually motivated. And in all – it's all about control and power over her male victim.

Same with the male psychopath. He wants to control his victims. He wants to have other women on the side. 

Both the female and the male psychopath are incaple of being faithful lovers. They are usually charismatic in their youth. But for the female psychopath, age takes a toll on her. She is unable to manipulate with her looks. As they have become withered and worn. And she can't have any man she wants. She loses most of her power and all her control. So she resorts to getting what she wants with deception and fraud. She is a menice to society and an aged loser.

Consider yourself lucky if you have gotten away from this filthy woman. 

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