Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Psycho ex with borderline personality disorder

   Psycho Ex Wife or Mentally ill? 

If you are divorced or married and you ex has doesn't call and text you a million times today just to tell you crazy lies about your children in order to get a reaction out of you. Consider yourself lucky. Not all psycho ex wife's are sociopaths. Some may show traits but they may actually have a mentally illness. Such as borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, and schizoaffective disorder.  All these types often project there own issues and onto the people in their life. They rarely take responsiblity for their life, their actions and their mistakes. 

When you have children with these types the situation can be even worse. For you and you children. The children grow up in 
environment where their needs are often neglected. They are often left at home alone for hours or even days. They are left with relatives. Home is not a place of safety for them. It's an unstable place, filled with unstable people. 

When a woman has so much hatred for her ex husband she focuses much of her life trying to make his life hell. She uses parental alienation to turn his children against. By never letting the children see their father (the only stable person in their life). Of course mom tells the kids -"dad said he couldn't get you this weekend, he rather be with his girlfriend or new family". This is mentally hurting the children. They feel unwanted and unloved. They feel rejected by their father. Their mother is never around. The mentally ill mother doesn't see her dysfunctional behavior. She only sees rage. 
What can the father do? He world full time, he is paying the crazy ex child support and doesn't have time to take this unemployed woman to court. Yet she rarely let's him see the kids. 

When the kids get older the father can only hope that they see their mother for what she is and what she has done. And can make the decision to come see him without their mothers permission.
Even when the ex wife remarries and moves on she may still harass her ex husband. Why? Because she wants control.

So is the ex wife mentally ill or is she a sociopath? The way she acts can make it hard to know. But here are signs that you are dealing with a sociopath and not a mentally ill person. 


1. The sociopath will make up lies and spread rumors, make up lies, try to ruin her ex's reputation, she will also target her ex's new wife. And make not only her ex's life hell, but also his new wife by spreading lies and rumors. SOCIOPATHS ARE NOTORIOUS FOR SLANDER AND DEFAMATION. 
2. After making up lies about her ex, the sociopath plays the victim. Whatever she has done to the ex (stalked, harassed,character assassination) she accuses the ex of doing to her. 

3. Sociopaths are pathological liars. They will lie even when the truth is in their best interest. They will lie about the children to their ex. Going as far as saying that one of the children has cancer or has to have surgery. Just to waste her ex's time. The lie for no reason. In fact the sociopath hasn't even taken the children to the doctor in years. 

4. Sociopaths speak fluently. Under pressure Normal people can get tongue tied and shows signs of being nervous. NOT THE SOCIOPATH. The have an overly complex speech and writing in order to look clever and often is contradictory from one sentence to the next. 

5. The Sociopath Feels They are Entitled to the Best of Everything and Expects everyone to give her what she wants. 

6. The Sociopath Twists Conversations to Suit her own Agenda. She diverts conversation to gain moral or intellectual higher ground—when stumped, changes the subject or gets angry.

7. The sociopath is an Energy Vampire. She drains her victims of energy, life, time, money, and vitality. With persistent harassment and constant drama. 

8. The Sociopath is Unreliable and Irresponsible. Sociopaths break promises. They lie. They hate responsibility. They take credit for everyone else's hard work. 

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