Monday, May 12, 2014

Evil just keeps on being Evil

When you have been targeted by a hateful and vindictive sociopath, you feel alone and isolated. You begin to lose all faith in humanity and people. You start to lose your compassion for others. Because you are on guard with human beings. You have trouble trusting anyone. You don't want to socialize the way you did before you met the sociopath. You prefer to be alone. You prefer to stay in your comfort zone, where you feel safe. 

The sociopath robs you of your sense of emotional security. You feel self conscience inside. When you do go out - you wonder if any of the people around you have heard the nasty rumors the sociopath spread about you. 

Sociopaths can make you feel like the sky is falling.. When it actuality it is not. Nothing is falling. The sociopath is very convincing though. They tell you how everyone hates you. They go to the internet and spread their lies about you. It looks to you as if the sociopath has succeeded in turning others against you. You see people commenting and giving the sociopath support, because they have told others how horrible you were to them. They have even made a blog about you! Ex - If your name is Mary Jane Doe. They have made a blog called The title says "My Struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder, and Low Self Esteem". The sociopath is impersonating you - in an unfavorable manner. They have spent an enormous amount of time doing this. Scary... Right? 

This can feel extremely defeating. You realize you are fighting with a monster that is so ruthless, cunning, and methodical – that you will not win. 
So what do you do? Everything you try to do to stop this monster has back fired. 

When a sociopath is targeting you in such a vile way. The only thing you can do is STOP RESPONDING. STOP REACTING AND STOP LOOKING ONLINE TO SEE WHAT THE SOCIOPATH IS SAYING. If you want the site shut down that the sociopath has made up. File a complaint with the domain provider. You can file a report with the police, just so everything is documented. The police probably won't do a lot to help with the site being taken down. You are more likely to be able to get the site taken down by reporting the site. Even though it could take time. In the mean time. Cut off any contact with the sociopath. They are doing these things in order to get a response and attention from you. Don't allow them to take your power like that. 

The sociopath is evil. They will always be evil. They will never change. They cannot be reformed. They see nothing wrong with themselves. They don't care about people. They only care about themselves. Once you refuse to react to them and respond and sever all contact with them. Hopefully they will get bored and move on to another person. 

It's so important that you do not lose your faith in humanity or God. Do not let the sociopath steal your spirit. Do not allow them to turn you into a bitter, defense person. Stay good. Stay hopeful.
You hate what the the sociopath has done. That's understandable. You never want to be like this devil..