Monday, May 26, 2014

Sociopaths and Envy

Envy- Sociopath/narcissist/psychopaths  all experience a level of envy toward their targets that is lethal. 
Whatever the sociopath sees in you that she/he knows they cannot be, want to be, or with something that she/he views that you have “won” in some way, envy can appear as rage in the smear campaign. The sociopath starts rumors and spreads lies to ruin your good reputation because they are jealous of your status and their reputation is usually pretty bad. 
Sometimes this envy is obvious and sometimes it is not obvious. But when it is, the sociopath in your life will leave you no doubt as to what that envy might be.
The sociopath will often accuse you of being jealous of them, stalking them. They do this because they are actually the jealous and they are probably staling you. 
Remember what the sociopath accuses you of IS USUALLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOU. 

Sociopathic women are usually more prone to smear campaigns than men. They are  less violent than men, but they are just as destructive if not more so than a sociopathic man. Becauee they seek to destroy you emotionally, mentally and socially 

The best way to handle a sociopathic woman. Is to never give her that reaction she craves. Limit contact or No contact. 

No contact if you have no connections like children with this woman. Limited if you have children. Only respond to her if it is absolutely necessary. She will make every situation an emergency when it is not. She will lie about kids in order to get her ex husband to respond. Learn to ignore her and realize that 99% of what she says is NOT TRUE 

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