Monday, May 5, 2014

Monster under that Mask.

The emotions of a sociopath are false, because they have no feelings. They emulate others. They try to give the world an impression of a caring person. But they are anything but caring. They want to try to make the world view them as whatever they "think" the world wants them to be.  If others were to find out how cruel they really are, they would not be able to manipulate so effectively. 

They don't think twice about hurting their family. They are sexually driven and cheat on their spouses. They are always promiscuous. They usually have a number of untreated STD's.  When they want something. They will attempt to get it - NO matter what. 

Drama is one thing the sociopath loves. They love any kind of drama that let's them be the center of attention. Ex. If someone dies that they are related to. They make it all about them. The dead person can't even have a quiet funeral to celebrate the life they lived. The sociopath takes that away from them and makes someone else's death - their day. It's there opportunity to manipulate vulnerable and sad people. They are evil and heartless. 

Sociopaths will become irate and angry if things don't go their way. They will go to great lengths to hurt someone who has done so much for them - if the person decides that they can not do anymore for the sociopath. They do not give to anyone. They are takers. They take take take. They take advantage of everyone. They take advantage of life. Life is all about them (in their small minds) 

There is no hope for the sociopath. They can't be reformed or change. If they are forced to be "reformed" they lie and pretend that they have changed. They really have just learned better tricks to manipulate the emotions of others. They become more adept to not "getting caught". 

The sociopath is always wearing a mask. But sometimes the mask slips off and you may get a glimpse of their rage and hate. The emptiness in their eyes. They stare right through you. They are monsters. The sooner we accept that they are real and destroying many lives. The safer we all will be.

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