Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Sociopath has the Most Dysfunctional Family

Abusive people love to blame and frame. They never admit or take responsibility. They would actually mean that they would have to have a conscience.. And that is one of the many things that they lack. 
People usually confess or accept responsibility because they feel remorse and guilt. A sociopath never feels remorse or guilt. They do not even know what remorse and guilt feels like. They are so disconnected emotionally from others and from having emotional connections with other people. They view others as objects to be used. If you don't have anything that the sociopath wants - you are no use to them. They will probably leave you alone. Unless you do something to piss them off - then you are their target and they will attempt to destroy your existence..

But the question I have always wondered then is; Why do sociopaths get into relationships? 

My guess would be for "status". They want to appear as the perfect mommy or amazing father and husband. It's all about making others think they are perfect and better than anyone else. They will paint a picture of success and having the perfect family. But only the people who live under the same roof as them - know all to well that everything is far from perfect... Behind the fake toothy smile is the most dysfunctional family dynamic. Which usually include emotional abuse, physical abuse, lying, cheating, neglect and misery...

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