Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Ex Wife - Satan's Best Creation Yet...

Being the victim of a vindictive, evil and malicious female sociopath, I am aware of exactly how they operate. Considering I married this evil whore twice, and had a child with her. It wasn't until she was having an affair with a man 30 years older than her for 5 years, when I realized how evil this blonde bitch was. She would project and blame me for what she, herself would do; i.e., accuse me of being negative. When she is the most negative person I have ever met in all my 47 years of living on this
earth.  She would gaslight me into believing that when i had a normal reaction to something she 
would do, like being angry and hurt because of her lying and stealing from me, breaking promises to our child to be with her lover, or cheating, she would act as if my reaction was the problem and there 
Was something wrong with me. Thats when I would call her out on her inappropriate and unacceptable behavior. By confronting this soulless monster, I was accused by her of being the 
abnormal. I was the one who is too sensitive, and not acting like a man for being hurt. I was one with the problem. I was the bad guy, I was critical, or always focusing on the negative. 

This is part of the head-fuckery that she put me through. Acting inappropriately, unacceptable, and 
downright abusive, and then trying to turn it around to make it my fault. It's adding insult to injury at that point. Not only did my ex wife intentionally cause pain that I never deserved, all while denying 
that she ever did anything at all. She would try to make it my fault,  she wanted me to blame myself for something that supposedly didn't happen. Yes, re-read that. That is how illogical it is. She wanted to make sure that people thought I was the reason that the relationship failed. When the truth is the there never was a relationship. I wasn't in a relationship with a loving caring human being. I had been manipulated and led to believe I was in a relationship. But now I realize everything about her was fake, unauthentic and a lies. I was conned like many others before me. I can't really say I ever had a relationship with  my monster of an ex wife. There was never a relationship to begin with. I never had a chance. I never saw what happened until it was too late. And now an innocent child was involved.  

I knew it would only get worse from there. And I was right. It's been 8 years since separation and 5 since we were divorced and I still am harassed by her everyday. She uses our child to get things. It worked for a little while but I stopped feeling guilty. I knew what kind of man I was. I loved my daughter and would do anything for her. So I stopped listening to my whorish ex wife's bullshit, calling me a dead beat because I wouldn't give her $250 for gift card she supposedly bought my child's school teacher for Christmas gift.  I am a dead beat for her crap decisions. Knowing she didn't give any gift card. Just another scheme to get more money from me. As of the $3500 monthly in
support is not enough..

I was trapped by this evil monster of a female for so long. I didn't know how to stand up for myself. I didn't know how to get her to leave me alone.  I use to just give her the money. So she would leave me alone.  That was until I met my amazing wife now. We have been together for 5 years. She has stayed with me, even tho my ex wife has targeted her, ruined her reputation. She has stuck it out with me.. She taught me to stand up for myself. My ex wife is unemployed and a loser, and my new wife is the woman who made me see that I was not a piece of shit, my ex claimed I was. That I had more power than I knew. I had just been so broken down my evil bitch ex wife that I lost all confidence. I had been so attacked by her, that I was afraid.
I was afraid of what she may do to my child. Or what she would tell my child lies to make her hate her dad.
But now I am finally free of this psychopath. I give all the credit to my wife now. She stood up to the monster, and that is something no one would do.  It takes a strong person to stand up to any sociopath. But if the person has a healthy mind, and is strong and confident, the sociopath may destroy their reputation but never can hurt their self worth. My exwife would like to believe she is in control. She knows she has lost all control of me. I dont respond to her text.  I ignore her.  My new wife tries to keep peace for my daughters sake, but the ex is so evil there will never be peace.  I had so many years taken away from my life because of my ex wife,

So now I live everyday to the fullest. I know my ex is miserable and she makes her family miserable. And she wants me to be miserable. And wants my wife out of the picture. But that's never going to happen. I feel we beat the sociopath. We did the impossible. By working together, and being a team, and backing each other up. My wife now and me couldn't be happier - well we might be happier if my ex vanished ....

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