Friday, January 10, 2014

Control and Exposure - Evil Females


   Sociopaths FEAR 2 things -
     They fear losing control...
           They fear being exposed....  

When a sociopath is not in control they literally lose it - lose their minds that is.
They want to be in control of everyone and everything at all times. When they feel that 

they are losing control of someone or something they will go to desperate measures to get that control back. Sociopaths feel a sense of entitlement to everything. That includes people. Even when you divorce a sociopath or they divorce you they still feel that they have the 
right to control you. This is especially true if you have children with one. 

If you have children with a sociopath your life will be forever chaotic, The sociopath feels they own you and they had the right to control you, and they will use your children to do 
that. None of your child-support money will ever go to the children. The sociopath will 
always ask for more money but no matter how much money you give them - it is never enough. They always want more. You cannot buy a kind word from the sociopath. You cannot give them enough money to leave you alone. Giving them money made by you a 
small  amount of peace - But that peace will not last long... Before they are asking you for 
more money.. This applies more so to the female sociopath then to the male.

Female sociopaths are different than the male sociopath. Female sociopaths are rarely detected and they blend in very well. The reason that they are rarely seen a sociopath is because of the way society views women. Most of us believe women to be kind, nurturing caregivers. It would rarely cross our minds to believe that women are capable of such horrible acts.  

 Most females sociopaths are not violent. They do not commit acts of physical abuse. (that is in my personal experience and what I have seen - but I'm sure there are some out there, that are very capable of violence. The female sociopath will destroy you from the inside. She will stop at nothing to tear you to shreds, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She will start by destroying your character. Making sure your reputation is so damaged. That no one will believe a word you say. She will
 try to turn your family and friends against you. She will try to turn your children against you.  

She will play the role of the victim. She will tell everyone you know, she knows, including  acquaintances, and even strangers - about how terrible you treated her when you were together.   When the truth is she was the real abuser the entire marriage. She is verbally abusive, not only to you but to her family members.  She is a serial cheater. No matter how good you are to her she will to cheat with many men, just for the thrill of it. 

Sociopaths tend to get bored easily. They do not want to work for anything they have. They want the nicer things in life,  but they are not willing to work for them. But that does not mean that they are not determined to get those things. When a sociopath wants something they will go to the extremes to get what they want. It does not matter who gets hurt, or who they have to teardown, run over or destroy -- the sociopath will stop at nothing to get what they want. They don't mind using their own children to manipulate people to get what they want. 

If you are unfortunate enough to have children with a sociopath. Then you will be their main source of supply to getting what they want. Sociopaths love to 

make others feel guilty. They will try to make you feel guilty by using your own children against you. For example they will say "little Jimmy doesn't feel like he has nice shoes like the other kids at school." "I don't want him to feel like he doesn't fit in, do you mind giving me an extra $100 bucks, so I can get him a new pair of nikes, and maybe some socks?" Many people fall for this guilt tripping at first. And that is okay because that only verifies that you are human (unlike the sociopath) and you have compassion and a good heart. 
But you will learn soon enough that little Jimmy never comes home with a new pair of shoes. And when you ask him "did your mother get you new shoes?" He will say no. And when you look at his feet you will notice that there is nothing wrong with the shoes he has (that you bought for him a month ago). You will probably find out that little Jimmy never said anything to his mother about wanting new shoes to fit in. 
Yep... Every single word of what the sociopath told you about your child needing new shoes was a lie.. And you will quickly find out that everything the 
sociopath tells you is a lie. 

This is when you start to question about what the sociopath told you when you were together. Was every single bit of it a lie? Yes...sadly it was. After the divorce from the sociopath, you begin to look back and try to remember. That's when you come to the realization that the entire relationship was all a lie. That the relationship itself was never real.. It is hard to accept this fact. It is hard to accept that you were in a relationship for so long and you wasted so much of your time when the entire thing was all fake. You realize that you never meant anything to the Sociopath. That there was never a relationship. Nothing you had together was real. This person never loved you. 

It is a very hard fact to swallow. Unfortunately it is true; the sociopath is unable to love. The sociopath lacks that emotion. They do not feel love empathy, compassion for anyone. The next person they are in a relationship with will be the same. It will not be a loving and caring relationship. It will be a "what can you do for me, what can you give me" relationship.  The sociopath is a taker they are not to givers. They will take take take and never give anything back. I don't know if that is just in their nature or because they lack any good emotion that it is all they know how to do. 

But they will take so much they literally drain the life out of you. They resemble leeches in a way. They latch onto you. And they suck your blood. They suck the life right out of your body. You have no more energy. Your spirit is broken. But does the sociopath care? Does it hurt them to see you in such bad condition. Hell no they do not care. They put you in that condition. They are proud of what they have done. They feel more powerful than ever. That they were able to break you. 

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