Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sociopath - let them destroy themselves

To some degree, let them be the destroyer, but keep evidence along the way, so long as it’s not causing you physical or emotional harm.  However, when things get out of hand, let them know in no uncertain terms what evidence you have on them, because at the end of the day all they are doing is digging themselves an even bigger grave to put themselves in. Having said that, it’s not as if they need one, because they died (emotionally) a long time ago.

When you have finally had enough of their stupid games, make it very clear that you have been careful enough to have collected evidence on them and give them the shovel. Trust that like all good sociopaths, they will get caught eventually from their own stupidity, and will end up digging their own graves.

Revenge obsession occurs when the obsessive ex wants his/her partner to punished. With a sociopath, they are probably responsible for the relationships fall out. They are cheaters, liars, and professional scammers. Even knowing they are liars and cheaters they still become obsessed with causing their ex more pain. Although the obsessed ex may not be in love with their partner anymore, they want to make sure he or she is just as miserable as they are....
They will even want to punish anyone their ex moves on with. Like a new girlfriend/boyfriend. They will do everything they can to cause problem for their ex in order to destroy the relationship. Even if the sociopath has moved in with their own life, and has remarried. They still will harass, bother and stalk their ex, and in extreme cases they will stalk their exes new love interest, go on a smear campaign about their exes new lover, husband/ wife. 

They hope the drama, the character assassination, the stalking, the crazy behavior will scare the new love off. It takes a strong person, who is secure with who they are to not want to leave. Because the sociopath will project on that person everything they can to break them down. They will accuse their exes new love interest of being the "stalker". They will play victim. They will use the kids to manipulate. They will alienate the children from the other (non-sociopathic) parent. They tell the children lies about their other parent. Ex. - Your dad cares about his new family and doesn't care about us anymore. {keep in mind, the children have NO IDEA, why the relationship ended}. The sociopath has convinced the non-sociopathic parent to not tell the children why the relationship ended. **Not because they are concerned for the children's welfare. But because they do not want their children to know they were at fault.
This way they can tell the children "their version" of why “mommy and daddy” aren't together anymore. It's VERY IMPORTANT for the non-sociopathic parent to NEVER talk negatively about the other (sociopathic) parent to the children.  Even IF the Sociopathic parent is bad mouthing the other parent. The children will figure things out on their own. They will see, as they get older that one the one parent trash talks the other parent (and the other parents new wife/husband every chance they get. They will realize that the (non-disordered) parent has never spoken negatively about the other parent (the disordered parent). 

The children are not stupid, and they become more aware of what is really happening as they get older. The sociopath loses the control over their ex, as the children grow up. This is frustrating for the sociopath, so it's then when the sociopath feels they must use more extreme methods of manipulation. Ex. - When my daughter became older, the demands from my sociopathic ex became more frequent, and more outlandish. Her text messaging and calling became so bad that it interfered in with my work. Since neither my ex wife or her new husband have jobs, they are dependent on my ex wife's mother to give them money monthly and also on my $3000 monthly child support to pay their bills. So I always assumed eventually she would 
back off. NOPE. It only became worse, when I got my daughter a phone to communicate with her. So I didn't have to deal with my ex wife. Everything my ex said was a lie, she did things for malicious reasons only.  Telling me to pick my child up on Sunday at 5pm, then I would get there at 5pm and no one would be home.  My home is 30 minutes away from her home. So by the time I got to her house sat there for 30 minutes, I would text to let her know I was there to pick up. She would respond "oh we are in town getting this or that we will be there in 15 minutes". Needless to say 15 minutes into 45 minutes and they would still not be there. So I would eventually drive back to my house which is 30 minutes away. As soon as I would get home, my phone would begin ringing and it was my ex-wife asking me “where are you, Suzie is ready to see her dad". 

(The sociopaths version is the DISHONEST version)

Sociopaths are KNOWN FOR accusing others for things they are doing themselves. Example - If a sociopath is on a smear campaign, they will accuse the real victim of trying to "ruin there reputation", destroying their character. The sociopath will  accuse their target of stalking them.  
*RED FLAG* - The sociopath do whatever is necessary to humiliate their “TARGET” aka 
(the person they are stalking)
*** WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE CONTINUOUSLY RANTING ONLINE ABOUT  {Firstname} {Lastname} being a “CYBER TROLL” “BULLY” or “STALKER”,  going on to tell others (especially using social media) that “they are scared for their children's safety” (they love using innocent children to get pity from others.)  The sociopath is likely to accuse the person of being “mentally unstable” “dangerous” “jealous of them” “insecure”. They want to vilify the real victim, before their victim talks, so they use these kind of humiliating tactics to discredit, and destroy the real victim.

*** Notice a person calling someone a cyber troll, bully, or stalker  - Is the character assassin. The RED FLAG  that the person accusing another is when they chose to use the Other persons First and Last Name. It IS DEFAMATION, CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, AND SLANDER.
The classic symptom of someone suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, Sociopathic, Narcissistic, Histrionic, Anti-Social Personality Disorder is how they are “Always the Victim”

{If you are confused about who is telling the truth, check out the other persons social media (especially their blogs). Look to see if the other person has used First and Last Names (like the accuser is doing), look to see if the person is name calling and slandering, (like the accuser has)}

 If you see the person who is being accused - is not using name calling with humiliating words such as "cyber troll" or "stalker"

Then you can assume that the person being accused is actually the victim and the accuser is the sociopath, just trying to destroy another life... With no remorse or guilt for all the pain they cause.. 

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