Sunday, October 25, 2015

When Reality Slaps You Hard

The realization that you are dealing with a sociopath. Or have been romantically involved or currently still are involved with a sociopath, narcissist or a psychopath is a very surreal and scary feeling. You have obviously realized something was not “right” with the person. So you did meticulous research and all signs point to a person who lacks a conscience.
A person who has no regard for the feelings of any other person but him/herself..

It is very difficult for most of us to understand and accept that there are people in our world that do not feel any empathy and have absolutely NO remorse. 
What is even more devastating (besides finding out the person you have shared so many details of your life with has NO Soul). Is realizing that every moment you shared with this person was FAKE. It wasn't real. 

The sociopath/narcissist has faked every emotion in order to manipulate you into believing they are normal with normal human emotions, just like you. 
They have pretended to love you, just to manipulate you into giving them what they want. 
How does one heal and recover from a deception so Big? You gave your time, energy, love and heart to someone, and you believed they loved you just as much. How does one ever trust again? Love again?  I

Once you have accepted the harsh reality for what it is. It's time to move on. 
It will Not be easy. The sociopath has left you feeling as if the energy/life force has been stolen right out of your soul. This is why healing takes time. You must take care of yourself, be good to yourself and never blame yourself for what happened. After all you were not this evil persons first victim and you will not be the last. This predator will continue this until their last day on this earth. They are simply soulless beings among us. 

Usually as soon as you begin the healing process, the narcissist will suddenly come back to your life, and they will say whatever they have to say to get you back. They will be that same great wonderful amaZing person you met in the beginning. Stay Strong! 


They are able to  fake emotions like. remorse,  sorrow, and even shame. They will act sorry to get you to forgive them for whatever they have done wrong.  They are NOT sorry though. They know exactly what they are doing and plan on doing it again. They actually do not see anything wrong with their behavior.  This is just how twisted they really are.

Narcissist/Sociopaths are serial cheaters.  Every single one of them. Rather it's a man or woman. Just like they are not capable of feeling empathy, they are not capable of being loyal. 

When you first caught them doing something wrong, they initially probably won you back fairly quickly or were able to deny any responsibility and convinced you they are not to blame. But after the 2nd, 3rd, even 4th time the issue came back up, you begin to have your suspicions. But of course the sociopath still tries to show you a great deal of sorrow, empathy and whatever other human emotions they know how to mimic, to manipulate you again. 

They can look so damn genuine, it's really mind blowing to know its all bullsh*t. 

They never feel bad that they have caused so much pain. They actually will feel bad for themselves, when you have had enough and are not so easily swayed and forgiving this 
time. So what started with them apologizing and acting remorseful soon turns to them blaming you (once they realize that you don't believe them) There anger comes raging out at this point, not because they feel bad about anything, their mask is starting to slip  because they were caught.


  1. Who knows If they will change. Maybe God cures them.

  2. i doubt god cures them. god doesnt seem to intervene when it comes to these monsters. in fact i dont see alot of them even reep what they sow