Thursday, April 24, 2014

No contact

No contact is the only way to go when dealing with a sociopathic predator. It does not matter if you have children with this predator. You will need to find a third-party to communicate between the two of you. A sociopath is a master manipulator and would do anything to manipulate you, lie to you and continue to cause harm to you. By finding a third-party to communicate between the two of you the third-party will not be affected by the sociopaths lies. You will need to inform the third-party that the person is a sociopath and give them information on how to deal with the sociopathic person. Sometimes it is best to hire a lawyer or a trained professional to help you with this.

Of course the sociopath will lie to third-party communicator in an attempt to manipulate you and cause harm to you. That is why it is so important to give information on how the sociopath works.
Once the children have reached a certain age you will be able to communicate with your children and will no longer have to communicate with the sociopath. The sociopath will do anything to get your attention. They want to be in control. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO BE. The sociopath will tell lies about the children. They will tell you one of the children has cancer, or one of the children is depressed and needs counseling. That's why it is important that you keep in communication with your children because the children will verify that they are not depressed or have cancer. The sociopath is so good at portraying something that feels real. It is so important to remember that everything is sociopaths says is a lie. When they tell the children something and the children tells you remember it is a lie.

The sociopath uses half-truths to make the lie seem more believable. It takes a while for a person to really understand the depth of evil in a sociopath. Some people can see right through the sociopath very quickly. They understand that the sociopath has nothing but evil intentions. They do not fall for any of the sociopaths crap, they do not believe a word the sociopath says, and they do not fall for the trap the sociopath has set.

If you have been fooled by a sociopath — do not feel bad. They are master manipulators and they
excel in lies and deception. Good and honest and kind people fall for the lies, empathic people fall for the guilt trip the sociopath makes. And there is nothing wrong with being a kind empathetic person.
Unfortunately the sociopath depends on the kind and empathetic people, in order to manipulate and deceive.

Anyone who has been targeted by the sociopath knows the destruction and damage that they can cause to another human being. The sociopath has no conscience, has no heart, and has no soul. They
use, they abuse, and they inflict pain on anyone who crosses their path. They have no kindness in their hearts because they have no heart. They are evil. You can never change the sociopath, they are
hardwired to be evil, bad, manipulative, and destructive.

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