Saturday, April 19, 2014

They hate you because They Want To Be You

You could be in the best mood, and have the best of intentions and a sociopath will cut you down, make fun of you, give you a dirty look, (or even have their followers give you looks). They will accuse you of something that you NEVER did or said.  Sociopaths have a way of ruining your life, and your good moods. 
And if you dare to challenge their perceptions of you or something that they say you did, they immediately blame you and make everything your fault. The bottom line is, knowing a sociopath will make life difficult. Being in a relationship (or worse - sharing children with one of these twisted evil predators) you are sure to suffer from PTSD and feel emotionally drained and burned out. Sociopath take such a toll on our well being some people even become physically sick.


Well basically sociopaths are the shit people who can’t create their own joy. They see your joy and the light inside you that they will never have. So they want yours. Sociopaths have an entitlement issue, they do not ask - THEY TAKE. They are TAKERS - they are NOT GIVERS. They covet what you have and what you are. They are insecure and jealous of everyone who is happy. And they’ll stoop to the dirtiest of tricks just to destroy you.

Watch out for the charismatic liars....

Sociopaths pretend to care. They pretend to like you. They manipulate in such a deceptive way that it's impossible to identify one the minute you speak to one. They give people who are social, loving and caring and charismatic a bad rep..

But it does not take long for the sociopaths true colors to Shine. Most people are unaware of sociopaths and do not have the knowledge they need. But if you have the knowledge you will know one of these predators after about a week of knowing them and even then it will be hard to break away from their destruction and sometimes to late to save yourself. Because by rejecting the sociopath there sure to seek revenge. And to stay with one is an even worse fate. 

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