Monday, August 25, 2014

Covert Abuse and Emotional Manipulation


A sociopath wants to gain control over you. They will use deceptive and underhanded ways to change your thinking. Their victim doesn't realize that this is even happening, until it is too late. 

They sociopath says subtle things that are meant to erode your esteem and emotional well being. They will chip at you and your self worth until there is very little of it left. 

A sociopath sees themselves as superior and sees others as nothing now than an object to be used. Sociopaths have No Empathy, no guilt, no remorse, and no conscience. They use you for their entertainment purposes only. 
They become bored with you and start to hate you eventually, even when you have done nothing but try to please them. Their behavior is cruel, horrific, and can psychologically, mentally, and physically destroy you. 

A sociopath can spot your weakness, your strengths and your fears easily. They will use all of these against you to gain control over you. They will stop at nothing to get what they want out of you, even if it means hurting you. 

Next thing you realize is that your once loving relationship has turned into a demeaning, degrading relationship. Leaving you confused and diminishing your self respect, self worth, and self esteem. The sociopath wants you to feel like you are losing your mind. Their intention is to make you question reality. The victim finds him/herself blaming themself for the sociopath not loving them like they use to. The victim believes it is their fault their once loving relationship has turned cold. The sociopath wants you to feel this way. They relish in the fact that they have brought you down to a rock bottom level. The sociopath is evil. 

It's hard to imagine anyone treating someone like this ON PURPOSE. But that is exactly what the sociopath does. The sociopath wants to turn you into a crying and begging emotional wreck. The victim struggles with feelings of powerlessness, and deep knife stabbing pain. The victim loses all sense of their self worth, they sometimes may turn to drugs or alcohol. The victim is so damaged that they become depressed, and withdrawn. They start to isolate and lose the support of others they use to have. 

If you are the target of a malicious and vindictive sociopath, you must remember IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! The sociopaths plan from the beginning was to harm you emotionally. They enjoy seeing others beg and plead, and then they feel accomplished in the fact that they can deny the victim and walk away. 
This is emotional rape. A covert emotional manipulator methodically wears down their victim. At it's worse, victims lose all sense of self and their personal values. 

Sociopaths do not look like monsters. Most of them are someone that looks just like Suzie soccer mom, or dan the loving father who attends all his kids PTA meetings. These sociopaths are so dangerous because they blend end so well, that the only people who suffer are the sociopaths children and partner and other family members. They fly under the radar, committing small crimes like fraud, identity theft, slander and defamation, and if they are in a business where money can be laundered and stolen – you can bet the sociopath is doing these things. They are 100% stealing from their partner and family. They will take out credit cards and loans in their victims name. When caught they use excuses and other manipulations, such as gas- lighting. Saying to the victim “you knew I got this card, you knew about this loan, we talked about it, remember?”
The victim is then left confused and questioning their own sanity. 

Sociopaths have contempt for their victims. They have no remorse about any of the deceptive things they do to their partner. They cheat with other people, they lie, steal, and destroy their victim one piece at a time. 
When confronted for any of these behaviors the sociopath blames and will spin the story, to make you look crazy. 

Why does the sociopath do this to someone who loves them, and has continued to make efforts to save the marriage, to fix things, and to please them? It's because they have no love inside them. They have no good in them. They have an evil mentality that aims to destroy anyone or anything that they cross paths with. 
Sociopaths feels a sense of entitlement. They are not capable of having  a meaningful and honest relationship with anyone...

They will never be able to form healthy attachments to another person. Being that they are incaple of loving anyone or receiving love from anyone. Even if their victim loves them, they are unable to feel it. All they feel is hate and anger toward the person who tries to love them.

At their core, the sociopath is filled with rage, and mental issues. The sociopath  will attempt to project their own mental instability onto their partner or the person who confronts them. 

When you are in a relationship with a sociopath, you will come to realize that they are unreliable and irresponsible. Yet, the sociopath becomes enraged and vengeful if they believe you have not followed through on something you said you will do. Even if you were unable to do something due to illness or a death in your family. The sociopath doesn't care. They will never be there for you emotionally. They see you as emotionally weak, and usually when you are feeling more vulnerable and weak, the sociopath sees it as am opportunity to kick you while you are down.

This is a very abusive and vicious cycle that the sociopath always puts you in. Rarely sociopaths abuse you physically. It is all about controlling and abusing you psychologically and emotionally. But that is not to say that the sociopath will NOT become physically violent with you. They are capable of physical abuse. More so in men than women.. 

What is so "crazy making" about the sociopath is that they actually expect you  to show them gratitude for any menial task they have done. Even after neglecting you for months and emotionally abusing you. If they do the smallest thing, they expect you to kiss their feet and adore them for that. 

When you know something in your relationship is just not quite “right”. And you suspect that your partner is a sociopath. The best thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your children, is to get out of that abusive situation. No matter what. If you are married and share children with the sociopath, you can expect life long drama and conflict. They will resent you for leaving them! How dare you! And even after moving on, and remarrying, they will always use your children to torment you. 

Unless you have experienced this kind of abuse, it's hard to understand the damage that is has taken on the victim. If the victim finally realizes that their quality of life has been suffering and that they have been living in fear and misery and decides to leave the sociopath. They realize the harm that the sociopath will cause them. They have to see that leaving the sociopath is more beneficial than staying with them to endure abuse the rest of their life. 

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