Friday, August 1, 2014

The psychopath targets empathic people


We all know by now that not all psychopaths are serial killers... 
But what a lot of us do not know is just how many psychopaths are actually women. We all believe psychopaths are men. Not women.. Women are mothers and lovers, and they create peace. That is very far from the truth. 
I have a good girl friend who remember her middle school, high school, and college years being a night mare – because of other women. She is a beautiful girl, and she always was able to get any guy she wanted. She became hesitant to date her senior year, because of the hate she got from other girls. The way these girls (practically adults 17, 18 years old) would treat her was horrible. She was picked on and bullied. She had rumors spread about her that were lies. All because she was pretty? And the guys liked her? Yep!
It's plain old jealousy. Psychpaths take their jealousy to a different level. They destroy those they envy. And women are the worst at this. I don't remember many dudes spreading rumors and gossiping in school ever. The girls though... They were awful to one another. My good friend was estatic the day she graduated. We kept in touch after high school. Things had become better, but she seemed to attract girlfriends who would eventually stab her in the back. I never understood it. She was so kind and one of the most empathic people I knew. Psychopaths target empathic individuals because they love to attack the kind. Psychopaths see kindness as weakness. This is true of male and female psychopaths...

Most female psychopaths even fool experts that had studied them their entire lives.  They are prevalent in society… selfish, greedy, evil, and uncaring. 
Martha Stout’s rule of thumb… they constantly lobby for your pity while at the same time consistently hurting you and others.  In other words… they play the pity-play, the victim, the one whose life is a mess all because of someone else. 
Research on psychopathy shows a similar pattern.  Those women that are psychopaths are often not quite as psychopathic as their male counterparts. Meaning that women are not as violent as the male psychopath. That doesn't mean that they are not as ruthless though. Research has found that the female psychopath is more likely to engage in promiscuous behaviors. They tend to have higher unemployment rates, relationship instability, and dependency on social assistance programs… where males have more unlawful behavior and violent crimes. ..

These differences are small but significant.  They affect where one ends up.  Female psychopaths end up on welfare. Male psychopaths end up in prison. 
Our society does not want to admit that our mothers, and daughters can lack any morals and ethics, that they are capable of feeling no love toward their infant child, or their husband. It is an ugly situation. But it is so true. Thomas Sheridan seems to know better than anyone that the female psychopath is real and out their wreaking havoc on the lives of their children, family and spouse. 

The female psychopath will see you as a threat — if you are smart and attractive. If she thinks you are able to expose her, because you are one of the few people who see right through her bullshit. So she immediately will attempt to destroy you.  She starts with her lies and rumors she will make up about you and tell anyone who will listens. These lies won't be just any lies. These lies are meant to socially destroy you and kill your self esteem. Empathic and highly sensitive people are very affected by the lies. They become withdrawn from the world. Empathic people do not know how to fight a psychopath. They are naturally good people. They love life, animals, people, and helping others. So when attacked they are left emotionally paralyzed. The psychopath realizes this and keeps going at the person until they kill them emotionally. They are hateful, and they know what they are doing when they do this. 

Scary... That one person can cause so much harm to so many people and still fly under the radar, undetected for the heartless bitch they are... 

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