Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Narcissism Running Rampant

It is often very difficult to help a narcissistic person, because their narcissism prevents them from accepting help. 

Narcissistic people are difficult to live with. It is their significant others who are witness and victims to their inner rage and abuse. 

Narcissit do not know who the hell they are. And they do not care. They are self absorbed, selfish, inconsiderate, vain, and impulsive individuals, that violate others and have no sympathy for the pain they have caused. 

There is no cure for narcissism. The narcissist sees nothing wrong with themselves. A million people could tell them they are not "normal" or that they are "abusive". They disregard others and believe it is other people who are not normal. It is not them! They are perfect

A relationship with a narcissist is impossible. And years are wasted hoping that the narcissist will change. Or see the light and realize their abuse and get help. Unfortunately they never change. And they leave behind broken families and emotionally distraught and conflicted victims. 

A narcissist is mean spirited. They are malicious. They are never faithful to their significant other. They will cheat just because they opportunity presents itself. 

These individuals are so toxic and vile. It will take a victim years of therapy to deal with all the issues the narcissist left them to deal with 

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