Monday, June 2, 2014

Sociopathic Parents = Abuse

When sociopaths become parents, it is scary. The sociopathic parent is irresponsible, manipulative, hateful, spiteful, and has no consideration the feelings of her/his children. 
Is that surprising?? That the sociopath is inconsiderate of the feelings of the children?  
It shouldn't be... The sociopath has NO consideration for ANYONE'S feelings. Children are no different. The sociopath views their children as just another "object" to use, to manipulate others. Especially the non-sociopathic parent. 

The sociopath will never care about the children. The sociopath doesn't think how much she is screwing with her children's head. The sociopath doesn't think about the future often, or consequences that could come from how she neglects them, manipulates them, alienates everyone healthy in their life. The sociopathic parent isn't concerned for their well being. The sociopath is only concerned about control. She will attempt to control the children's non-sociopathic by using the children against him. She has no remorse for her wrongdoing. 

She wants 100% control over the children. In order to control her ex-husband. Female sociopaths are more prone to using children to hurt their ex spouse than their male counterpart - but the male sociopath will also do this if he gets the chance. The male sociopaths us use the children to hurt and deprive their ex whole the female sociopath uses the children to control their ex. 
Men will take their ex wife and mother of his children to court in attempt to get full custody - for the sole purpose of hurting her. He doesn't really care to have custody of his children. He hates responsibility.  So it isn't because he LOVES his children so much... It's because he want to hurt his ex-wife.
What better way to continue to hold control over his ex wife?  The sociopathic father, tries to annihilate his ex-wife in court. He comes across as the victim of this "unstable and unreliable" woman. When his ex wife tries to defend herself, it is emotional and to the judge it looks like she is unstable. 

Unfortunately sociopaths come across cool as cucumbers in court. Child Services and Family Protection Agencies and judges need to be better informed about the manipulation of a sociopath, and the effects and fear the sociopath has on his victims.. It's important to be aware that the sociopath has the ability to make their ex look bat shit crazy. By smear campaigns, gas lighting, verbal abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, and terrorizing..


  1. Again, you're so right. How I wish that I could have you by my side each time I have to go to court. I can't describe the fear that I feel every time. You'd think after being in court so much, I would have gotten used to it. But every time is just as painful and scary as the first. I've reached the point to where I feel like I have to give up. I feel like I have to let my child go. I know it's not our child that he wants though, it's ME. But the only way for me to go "no contact" is to not have my child. Then, he has no reason to contact me, right? BUT I know he will still make attempts, he will never allow me to escape. He's manipulated my child so much, she believes that I'm the monster. He's fed so many lies, my child has lost trust in me. My biggest fear is that my child will turn into a spath like him. His family is full of them. I'm not just saying that out of anger. I'm not being dramatic. The only person that is not, is his dad...and he sits quietly, says nothing to the others because after years of living with them, he's learned not to go against them. They abuse him terribly, even as he sits in silence. I am desperately seeking acceptance and peace for what has gone on in my life. I'm exhausted. I feel so broken and alone. I mourn the loss of my child every second of every day. I've been portrayed to the professionals (judges, attorneys, advocates) as being dramatic, over protective and the one that alienates him. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I've never wanted anything more than for my child to have a healthy relationship with mom and dad. He has made that impossible. I'm obsessed with the hurt and anger. I pray to God constantly for me to forgive my him, as I know that HE still wins every day that I don't forgive.

    1. i have not done much blogging lately. but wanted to check on you and see if things have gotten any better for you?