Friday, June 13, 2014

The downward spiral of the female sociopath

There is the functional female sociopath (which is only functional or successful for a small amount of time - usually in her late 30's. When she hits 40 her bullshit no longer works on her victims and she has alienated most people in community and it's a downward spiral after that) 

The functional female sociopath is not outwardly violent. She is remorseless, clear-eyed and calculating, she is chameleonic in the extreme, puts on one mask after another, one feigned feeling after another (interest, concern, sympathy, simpering insecurity, confidence, arrogance, lust, even love) to get what she wants.
But none of these feelings are actually something she feels. She is imitating others and how she perceives others to act in different emotional situations. 

Behind closed doors — only her immediate family, spouse and her children see the real monster. The off the wall, crazy, belligerent, threatening, controlling, vile, spiteful, vindictive, obsessed and malicious person she really is. 

It's NOT a pretty picture. 

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