Friday, July 18, 2014

The Dysfunctional Brain of the Sociopath

The sociopaths brain does not function “normally”. Somewhere  along the path of development, a sociopath's brain ceases to grow. Instead of the circuitry inside her/his brain getting excited about learning something new. Basically the circuitry opts out.

A lot of people believe sociopaths are very intelligent. WRONG. Sociopaths are not any smarter than anyone else.  In fact their brains are defective and do not develop normally, they lack intuition, compassion, and the ability to rationally think. At about the age of 15 it is apparent that the sociopath is different from the rest of us. 
The reason a sociopath excels in certain areas is because of their lack of a conscience, lack of remorse and they have no moral or ethical values. So when they have to study (say for the bar exam) that's all they are thinking about. They are not worrying about their relationships, their family or friends. Because they do not have the ability to love or care about anyone's well being. So they can become super focused. 
So later on in a sociopaths life when they decide to target someone who doesn't kiss their ass, thats all that they do
They solely focus on destroying their victim. They are not focusing on their children or family or bills (stuff normal people worry with daily)
Sociopaths aren't concerned at all with these things. 

Have you ever heard "no one can destruct the will of a sociopath" or "you can't beat a sociopath". That maybe true, if you are a victim of a sociopath. Because the sociopath is thinking of ways to destroy you 24/7. 
While you are busy working, being a mother or father to your children, taking care of household things, paying bills, living life. 

The sociopath doesn't care about paying bills, or caring for their children or checking in with loved ones. The sociopath ONLY cares about revenge and creating chaos and drama.
The sociopath will attempt to convince others they are mommy/daddy of the year, they will pretend to try to be a busy busy busy little bee - doing so much for everyone! They are telling others how they are working hard, and paying bills, they are the PTA mom, the volunteer, the caretake of everyone. And they are pretty damn convincing
But it IS ALL LIES, yep LIES... THEY ARE NOT BUSY DOING ANYTHING FOR ANYONE. ITS ALL A FACADE.  They put on this fake persona in order to look like the Successful Business woman, Suzie Homemaker, and A loving Daughter/son to their parents. That way other people will not see the evil, back stabbing person, ruthless person they really are. 
The only people who really know how heartless and evil the sociopath — are people who are unfortunate enough to have to know the sociopath. Like the sociopaths parents, siblings, spouses, and children.  

The sociopath’s brain is not advanced in anyway. In fact scientific studies show that the sociopath/psychopaths brain did not develop as a normal brain should. 
As a result, the sociopath almost never grows up. They never emotionally grow. Their whole life is basically a lie. They always will blame others for problems they created. They will never see how their actions and behaviors is why they are dysfunctional. In some regards they are a Large Evil Child. 

Sociopaths are cowards. They run away - regardless of age. This childish and deceptive behavior is one of the reasons why so many victims of the sociopath, will initially think that the sociopath may have an inability to communicate effectively & assume that the sociopath’s behavior comes from a lack of life experiences.  

Before a victim of a sociopath discovers that the person they are dealing with is actually a sociopath. The victim assumes the sociopath is very rigid in her/his thinking because she/he has never been in a situation where she/he has had to consider another persons feelings or a group of people. 

Being empathetic human beings (unlike the sociopath), we set aside our frustrations, and instead, we feel pity for this person who seems to have been living in a protective bubble their entire lives. We have a hard time believing that some people are just plain evil, hateful, and cold. The sociopath is just that...

People with fully functioning brains, who feel empathy and compassion for all forms of life — THEY WANT TO BELEIVE THAT OTHERS ARE AS GOOD and COMPASSIONATE as they are. It is hard for “good” people to accept that a person we know and that we have allowed in our life is definitively just a “Bad Person” 

But unfortunately their are people out there (more than you think) that are mentally defective and are unable to feel compassion, love, and concern for humans and any other forms of life

Sociopaths will always make life as difficult and as miserable as possible. They will NEVER change. They will always create chaos. They are Pathological Liars, Cheaters, and Con's..

Once they decide to target you and you become their victim. They will spend hours on the phone spreading lies and false gossip about you - in order to destroy you and ruin your reputation. THEY ACTUALLY BECOME OBSESSED WITH YOU. THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING YOU DO. They will stalk you, PRANK CALL YOU, make up lies about you. THEN THEY WILL TURN AROUND AND ACCUSE YOU OF DOING ALL OF THAT TO THEM. 

So how do you cope with an obsessive stalking sociopath. YOU TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Let them know what is going on. Tell them everything, detail for detail. That is how I personally got through being stalked and harassed 24/7 by a sociopath. And the craziest thing is that my sociopath is still trying to harass me just on a covert level. Ex - has made up a Facebook page in a family members name and requested all the people I am friends with. The funny thing is, a few of my good friends went ahead and excepted the friend request, just to see what she has up her sleeve next. EVERYONE IS AWARE OF THE "fake" FACEBOOK PAGE. And it has just confirmed to us that this person is even more unstable than we had thought. 

The sociopath does not attain a rite of passage like the rest of us. She cheats her way into adulthood, because the sociopath spends her teenage years regressing mentally and emotionally....

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