Tuesday, July 29, 2014

THE ONLY WAY TO HEAL - No Contact Ever Again

Once you have realized that the destructive person in your life is a sociopath/psychopath - Get Away From That Person ASAP!

The sociopath is so good at making you believe that they are a "good" person with "good" intentions. Notice that it is their words that have convinced you. But look at their Actions. Do their words match up with their actions?

If the sociopath in your life is your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or the mother or father of your child. Or even someone within your own family — you must walk away from this person and never look back. If you share children with this person, walking away and never looking back will not be as easy. You will need a plan. You will have to plan your escape before you leave. It's so important that you are documenting every word the sociopath says to you. Document it and have proof of it. You need to save all voicemails, text messages they send you that are threatening or abusive. 
In order to prove that you are in danger and scared for your life, and for the well being of your children – you must be able to show proof. 
**Sociopaths are very skilled in court, they know how to work the system, and they want to make the victim look like the unstable, neurotic, and crazy person. They usually tell so many lies, the victim ends up breaking down in court (this is exactly what the sociopath wanted the victim to do). The victim breaks down, because they are human.
While the sociopath remains calm, and looks on as if they are concerned for the person who they have systematically destroyed. The sociopath has vilified the victim. 
This is why it is so important NOT to tell your plans of leaving to anyone. If you have realized that the person you live with is a sociopath DO NOT tell them that you think they are a sociopath or psychopath! This could put your life in danger. 

Do not be concerned about hurting their feelingsa sociopath/psychopath cannot  be really “hurt” — they do not have the emotions to feel emotional pain or hurt, they are only able to feel RAGE AND ANGER and the need to destroy others..

You must accept that you mean nothing to the sociopath – and that you never meant anything to the sociopath. They see you as an object, not a human being with feelings, to them you are nothing. 

If the sociopath leaves you, BE THANKFUL! Pray to your Higher Power that they never try to contact you again. Unfortunately the sociopath  will always try to establish contact with you. They had control over you once and believe they can have control over you again. They don't try to come back because they missed you. They come back to dominate you and control you again.  

But you must BE STRONG and have no contact with them. You will need to change your phone number, and only give it to only a few people who you trust and are aware of the situation. 

A lot of times victims of sociopaths and psychopaths, want closure. Accept the fact that YOU WILL NEVER get CLOSURE WITH A SOCIOPATH.. If you find yourself thinking about “the good old days” you may have had with the sociopath. Remember that the sociopath was not the person you thought they were. The person you knew wasn't real. The words they told you were not real. Every word out of the sociopaths mouth is a lie. The "relationship" might have felt real, but it wasn't.  The sociopath only used you and manipulated you for their own sick reasons. It does hurts to think that this person you believed loved you, never really loved you.

The Only Way To Truly Heal From the Emotional Trauma that the sociopath has caused you, is to establish NO CONTACT!

This can be a very difficult thing to do, especially if you "want closure" but you must stop thinking that you will get closure. You will never get closure, the sociopath will not give you that, simply because they know you want it! 

Eventually though you will heal. The feelings you have of missing the sociopath will pass. The longer you have no contact with the sociopath, the sooner you will be able to heal, and find yourself again. You will become stronger everyday, because the sociopath is no longer in your life, influencing you in a negative way. Once you have made peace with YOURSELF, and LOVE yourself again — the tables will turn and the sociopath will no longer have any control on you. The hunted becomes becomes the hunter.. 

The amazing thing about Establishing No Contact, is that victim is able to feel liberation from the sociopath. The victim is able to re-build their self esteem. The victim becomes stronger and more confident everyday they do not talk to the sociopath. The victim will no longer feel like a “victim” but they begin to feel like a “survivor.”

Refusing to speak with, respond to text or emails, meet up with or listen to  anything the sociopath has to say can be extremely effective.


The best thing about having NO Contact is that you do not have to do anything to achieve results — and these results can change your life for the better. You are free from the pain, manipulation and the emotional abuse the sociopath caused you. You are free to Heal, Love, and Live... 

You also are free to Love again. Remember that you did not choose the sociopath. They chose you because of you kindness, caring and loving personality. Sociopaths can't appreciate any of that, all they saw was weakness. But you are not weak. You are an amazing person with so much to offer the world. Do not let the betrayal from the sociopath stop you from being who you were meant to be. There ARE good, kind and caring people out there. Don't lose faith in humanity because of one evil person you have encountered. See this all as a learning experience that has made you stronger.. 


  1. lmao so true i fucking hate my ex

    1. It is very ways to feel hate. I have felt that same way. Obsessively! I wanted the narcissistic sociopath to pay for so long. I still do. I started to not believe in karma. But I do believe eventually they will get what they deserve