Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Female Sociopath Feels Threatened by Other Women

A female sociopath blends in like everyone else. Although female predators are the hardest to detect. They fly under the radar. Female sociopaths know that they have an advantage just because they are in fact female. Most people do not realize that the female sociopath is as vicious as the male sociopath. The female sociopath is much more dangerous than their male counterpart. Simply because as society we view woman as gentle kind mothers, caregivers, and nurturers. Most female sociopaths use this to their advantage, by playing the victim.
They portray themselves as caring and sympathetic, educated and worldy, rich and generous, and do-gooders... 
This couldn't be further from the Truth!

The truth is - Not all women are loving, caring mothers and caretakers. Evil within them exists.
This doesn't mean that we should assume that every woman is a horrible person, who manipulates, violates, and exploits others. It is important though that we are Aware that just because someone is a mother – DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE LOVING AND GOOD PEOPLE.

A mentality of awareness helps us to be better prepared if we ever have to deal with someone who is devoid of a conscience and is seeking to gain our trust, in order to use us, exploit us and emotionally harm us. 

Sociopathic females convince others that they are wonderful, and caring mothers to their children. They try to convince  people that not only are they attentive mothers, but that they are also successful career women. They claim they can do it all! 
Oh how great they are and how supportive, loving and caring, and successful - always having their children's best interest at heart... (Yeah f*cking right) 
I have personally heard a female sociopath compare herself to a "mama bear" protecting her cubs. She made this statement when she was trying to ruin the reputation of her ex husband and his new wife. The female sociopath knows that children are innocent – this is why she so often brings the children into her conflicts and drama. She believes by exploiting the innocence of children will give her the upper hand.  By comparing herself to a “mama bear protecting her cubs” she is trying to portray herself as a mother that is genuinely concerned for her children – this could not be further from the truth. 

The sociopathic mother believes she is entitled just because she was able to bear a child. {for God's sake -Mosquitos reproduce - it is not that hard to become pregnant) 

Female sociopaths will use her children for her own selfish purposes and to torment and control her husband or ex husband. She obtains information from the children about their father, only to use any information against him later. When she is unable to find any wrong he is doing, she just makes up lies and will use tiny truths, and twist and distort them, so she looks like the hero and her ex husband looks like a shit dad who neglects his children.  

She will “brainwash” the children that their dad is “bad” and that he has chosen his “new family” and (new wife) over them... 
She makes sure that the children never make any emotionally connection with their dad. The children are unable to open up and bond with their father and a new step mother and any new step siblings they may have. The sociopathic mother brainwashes her children to believe that they are not as loved at their fathers home, as they are at her home. She does this in a pathetic attempt to control her ex husband and his relationship with his children. If and when the man decides to remarry, the sociopathic female will also attempt to control her ex-husbands new wife as well. 

The sociopathic female/mother is always in a competition with others (especially other women). Most of the time the other people are UNAWARE that they this competition is even going on.  

The female sociopath is so insecure of her own mothering, she feels threatened by the fact that her children will have a new step mother. She knows that even though she portrays herself to everyone as “mommy of the year” — she knows that she is often absent and uninvolved in her childrens lives. She neglects them, and sends them to stay with family and friends, she is too selfish and does not want to be bothered with having to take care of the children's basic needs and any demands.

The new woman who marries the female sociopaths ex husband, poses as a huge threat. The sociopathic woman has been controlling her ex husband before they were divorced and continues to control him - Even after they are divorced. 
The female sociopath knows that a new woman entering the picture could threaten the control she maintains over her ex husband. Which means all the extra money she manipulates her ex to give her - may stop.
So what does the female sociopath do about this? 
She goes on a rampage of false accusations, she will make up blatant lies about the new wife to her children's teachers at school  and people who her ex is friends with.  The sociopathic woman uses defamation and slander, and she will attempt to psychologically destroy and ruin the relationship between her ex and his new wife. {If the new woman is strong and secure - the sociopath will be unsuccessful, but the new woman will be put through hell first}

The female sociopath knows that a new wife will not tolerate her antics and will refuse to be controlled by a crazy ex wife. The new wife will put an end to any extra money given to the crazy ex wife. 
{The female sociopath has caused so much chaos and created drama so long that her ex husband is exhausted and will give her what she wants just for her to shut up and leave him alone for a few days} He is desperate to have his psychotic ex wife OUT OF HIS LIFE. Having children together makes that hard, but he will eventually find a way to make her non-existent in his life. Paying her off seems to buy him a few days of calm from her psychotic rage. 


  1. My husbands ex wife is a sociopath/narcissist. She pretends to be a good mother, but everyone knows the truth that she isn't. She does so many messed up things, most people believe that she is on drugs. As soon as my husbands teenage daughter turned 16, the ex wife was ecstatic, because the little responsibility she had of taking the 13 year old to soccer once a month (when she couldn't find someone else to do it) she was now free of that responsibility. Now she has the 16 year old doing it all. She use to have friends of the children do all of the things she was too lazy to do (not lazy but selfish) but she burnt all her bridges with them before the kids were out of elementary. So she got her sister or old mother to do it. She really pushed for the older child to drive when she was 15, but it is against the law. Sociopaths don't care about laws or rules. So she was drive about 6 months before she turned 16. It's so crazy how she didn't even care that if her child had gotten caught for driving at that age it could have gotten her in a lot of trouble. Sociopaths pretend to love their children so much, and use the children to get empathy from others or manipulate them. Like she did my husband for years. It was easy to do when the kids were young. But now that they have turned out to be good responsible kids (prob cause they never really had a mother, and had to become self sufficient or starve basically) She can't manipulate him anymore. He sees that communicating with her is useless, because nothing she says is true and she doesn't have a good bone in her body. He knows now that her intentions are not good, they never have been.
    Since cutting off all contact with her, over a year ago. Life is amazing. I had forgotten what peace and happiness was. For so long it was so stressful and miserable. I am just now adjusting and accepting that things are going to be ok, and feel hopeful again