Saturday, May 31, 2014

Why the Sociopath makes Life Hell...

No matter how you try to have NO COMMUNICATION with the sociopath, narcissist, psychopath. They will always still try to talk to you. They will stalk you online, send you text message (the first will be nice, as they are trying to get you to respond. After they realize your not going to respond to them — the text messages turn Hostile)

A sociopath will never stop trying to destroy you. Especially if you share children with them, or if you married their ex spouse, whom they share children with. Usually they are busy making their ex-spouses life hell. As soon as the ex-spouse of the sociopath remarries or gets in a serious relationship. The sociopath turns their focus and rage onto the ex-spouses new love.
Why does the sociopath do this? 
When the sociopath has ties to their Ex-spouse (such as children) the sociopath actually feels entitled to control their ex spouse forever by using the children against them. (This is more common in female sociopaths than the male) The female sociopath will see the new woman in her ex husband's life and children's life as a threat to her. She knows that her control of him may become harder, with his new wife's influence now on him. So she starts "damage control" as soon as she hears he is dating someone. She wants to destroy the relationship by either making life hell and hoping the new love in her ex spouses life will leave. Or by destroy her ex-husbands new love'a reputation. 
She will also make getting the children difficult, make everything 100 times as hard. She does this to make her ex husband see that everything was easier before he was in a new relationship. She will even say "we use to get along before you got married". The ex husband knows better. He remembers how she made his life miserable before he remarried. And they only got along when he gave her more money, and did what she told him to do. He basically paid her for peace. (The sociopath may seem delusional but she knows exactly what she is doing - she knows that she made life hell, before the new woman, and she is still making life hell now). 

The other reason the sociopath targets the ex- spouses new partner is JEALOUSY.  (This is also more common in female sociopaths than males)
The sociopath is jealous of her ex's new wife. Maybe she is younger, more ambitious, honest, the children like her, everyone seems to like her, and she makes the sociopaths ex happy. 
The sociopath does not want her ex to be happy. She has worked so hard for him to be miserable. Even when she was the cheater, liar, and the one who caused the demise of the marriage - and now she is even remarried to the man she was cheating with! It doesn't matter to the sociopath. She has no compassion for ANYONE. She has no conscience. She Never thinks about the pain she has inflicted on her children or her ex. She only thinks about the pain she wants to inflict. 

It takes a truly strong, confident, and secure person to deal with being the target of your husbands sociopathic ex wife. The sociopath will accuse you of being jealous of her, stalking her, being insecure, mentally unstable — basically everything she is. She is just projecting it onto you (the new wife of her ex)  because she knows how manipulative she is and sees the new wife as an easy target. Most genuinely good people have a hard time dealing with such abuse and exploitation. But all good people are not weak. They are strong. As long as you realize you are not dealing with a normal person, but a cold and cruel sociopath, and you have knowledge on these types of people. You will be better equip to handle it. 


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    1. I’m sorry I did not need to remove your comment I accidentally delete instead of reply. My husband did this website along time ago he started it because of his sociopathic ex-wife. He was diagnosed with cancer in ocotber 2014. He went into remission but the cancer came back in September 2016 and he passed away on May 27,2017.
      I’m going to do my best to keep this site running. I am his wife I have been through all the hell he has been through. Well I’ll take that back I have not been to the hell he has been through because he went through 15 years of hell before meeting me when he married her. And that hell continued even after he married me in fact it got even worst. No longer was he the target of all her smear campaigns in character assassinations but I became the target. If so I have a lot to add. I appreciate your comment