Friday, August 8, 2014

The Sociopath uses projection to bully their victims

Sociopaths are Adult Bullies...
The have a particular hatred for anyone who can see through their deception and mask of deceit. They are the worst kind of bullies, because they aren't the big kid, openly picking on you so that others see it and you can ask for help. They take another approach to bully. They will launch a malicious personal attack on you. They will attack your credentials, qualifications, and your personality. They will tell others you suffer from a personality disorder, such a borderline or psychopathy.  They will tell people they think are important, hoping that those people will believe it and dismiss you. 

Sociopathic Bullies and Projection

Sociopathic bullies project their inadequacies, behaviors, and shortcomings onto other people to avoid facing up to their own inadequacy. They falsely accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. This way they feel they distract and divert attention away from themselves and their own insecurities. Projection is achieved through critisim, blame and making false allegations, these allegations are actually admissions the sociopath is making  about themselves. 
Once you realize this, every accusation and critisim and lie that the sociopath makes toward you (or whoever their target is at the time) this is actually a revelation about who they are and what they have done.  This knowledge is good to have when you are the target of the sociopath. For instance – if the sociopathic bully accuses their target of cyber stalking, bullying their children, being a home wrecker, or being stupid. It is likely that the sociopath has committed these acts. They do not want others to figure out that they are cyber stalking, or physically stalking someone. The sociopath is a bully to their own children and also to other peoples children. Sociopaths are notorious for being promiscuous. They have no qualms about committing adultery or breaking up a family.  
But they do not want anyone to know about these indiscretions.... 
The sociopathic bully fears being exposed. That is why they point the finger and accuse others in a emotionally injuring way. If the sociopath thinks someone sees through there bullsh*t, and this person could expose them for who they really are. That person is a threat to the sociopath. 
The sociopath doesn't just target a person who sees through their crap. They also are bullying other targets for personal reasons. Sociopathic bullies usually have a few victims they are tormenting.  The goal of the sociopathic bully is to destroy the persons reputation, so that no one will believe the target when they speak up about being bullied or slandered. 

It is Highly likely that sociopathic bully is committing the same acts or has committed these acts against the person that they are making the accusation towards.

This is very important knowledge to have when you are dealing with a person who has psychopathic tendencies, or someone who fits the description of a personality disordered individual. 

When the sociopaths bullying and smear campaigning becomes apparent to other people, the sociopathic bully will play the “Mental Health Trap”. Claiming their target is “unstable” or “mentally ill” or has a “mental health problem”. 
  This allegation is a projection of the sociopaths own mental health issues, insecurities, and fear of being exposed. 

If this trap is being used on you, and it is damaging your career or your ability to find employment. You can take legal action against the sociopathic bully. You will have to assert “projection” as a defense against disciplinary action as a part of your legal proceedings.

Projection is a key feature in identifying a person who has a psychopathic or "cluster B" personality disorder.
It is a fact that when held accountable the psychopathic personality will accuse the person who is “unmasking” them of being the one with the “mental illness” or the one who has a personality disorder.

If you feel someone is targeting you. It's important to look closely at what they are saying about you and accusing you of. You will find that everything they accuse you of and slander you with, they in fact are guilty of doing.


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    1. Societies used to do that and we don't. Which is why we have so many now. Shows u what a problem they were back then as well.

  3. Sounds a bit like Trump; "I'm the ideal man and perfect president, you are just picking on me"

  4. This is all true. The sociopath I know, post anti- bully campaigns all over her twitter. Yet she bullies people with anonymous alias. She writes blogs about people who she is targeting accusing them of all kinds of horrific acts. When she is the one who is causing so much emotional and mental stress/damage to people.
    She know she is a bully. She knows exactly what she is doing. She is manipulative and deceptive and sneaky. It's sick

  5. By definition, and by his actions, Donald Trump is a sociopath. .

    1. Donald trump seems to me like the poster person for a Narcissist!

  6. Mine is my mother who i became to my daughter she Gaslit me yesterday i came home to my place on friday and told her i wanted my house keys and car key spare ones back and to leave me aloneI was done well it got to the point that i pulled the plug on my ph turned my mobile off my poor daughter mustve felt the same way when i would txt her every couple of days from the day i drove her away . after my mother came round yestewrday threatned me with Mental Healt as yes i do have have a mental illness she then proceeded to yell outside my back gate about them being on the ph im well aware of how fast things esculate when the cops become involved so i let her in to talk about my daughter or rather she talked of how we need to get on tiop of the situation MY VIEW she will come back when shes ready too. so mum in her wese wisdom elected to come around today to help me planr my bulbs.. Not planning on being here wouldnt have mattered she wasnt listening to me anyway and proceede to tell me that i always get things mixed up and i dont listen properly half the time i dont most of its just blahblahblah to me and i tune olut NOW im 63 my daughter is 19 and has had a very hard life I admire her so much that she is actually still around and hasnt given up. now i know i have been Maniulative before in the the past sometimes not even realizing that i am and i have been a Bully to my kids and many other things .anyway after staying awake all night i have come to my own realization that i am really no betetre then my mother,, I have literally been a prisoner and cut myself off from the few people that i do trust and love them for their honesty and have s[ent 2 great weeks from one end of the xounryside to the other LOTS OF cRying.I usually get angry i dont CRY so this was a new EMOTION for me I am both The manipulator and having being Mapiulatied most of my life how do i end this cycle..Who knows what she will do when she finds me not here Gone Again.