Thursday, October 9, 2014

Habitual, Compulsive, Pathological Liars...


A common trait of sociopath or narcissists is lying. They just lie all the time. They lie about anything and eveything.. A sociopath will lie about important things, and unimportant things. They lie about where they work, to where they live. They willl lie about there family, to the pets they have. They will lie about everything! 

Even if the truth would be more beneficial, and serve them better – they will still continue to lie. Basically if you know someone who is a sociopath or narcissist, you can bet that anything they have told you, was the opposite of the truth.  

Why lie about everything, all the time?!

Sociopaths lie because they hate to see others happy. This is why it is most unfortunate to have a sociopath in your family. As much as the sociopath hates to see their partner/spouse happy – they hate to see a sibling happy even more. So they lie in an attempt to misdirect the people who seem happy to them. It is a method they use to to covertly destroy you. A sociopaths goal is to convince their victim or target that everyone hates them, and life is difficult and unfair. 
Sociopaths have an uncanny way of finding your weaknesses, then using them against you. Sociopaths will put all their time and energy into learning their victims vulnerablities, and anything that their vicitm cares about, the things that they hold close to their heart, or whatever their vicitm has an emotional attachment to. Then once the sociopath thinks they have enough about on their victim, they will underhandedly and covertly sabatoge all of those things.

Rather it is something as simple as your favorite food. They will make sure you never eat that again. It may be that they all of the sudden the sociopath has discovered that they are deathly allergic to that food, and may say that just being around it could cause them to have to go to Emergency Room - and possible death - so you must never eat it again. 

If you have a nice vehicle that you value, and the sociopath has recognized this because knows you keep it clean and well maintained. The sociopath will do something to the car. They may scratch it with an object that is sure to leave it unable to buff out. They may even cut the brake lines, or cause other damage that will cost you money to have the car fixed. 

They will do small things to sabatoge your life and Large things to destroy your life.  If you are good with managing your finances and have a good credit score,  the sociopath will hide bills, take out small loans in your name, and create emergencies that will cost you more than you can afford. The sociopath will spread lies to your friends, your family and the community, so you will feel isolated and excluded and disliked.

The sociopath wants to make sure that you never feel secure, blessed, happy or loved. They try to make sure that you fail at reaching your goals, and you never get any of the things that you have hoped for and worked hard for.  

The sociopath causes their victim constant stress, usually without the victim ever knowing that they are responsible for all the bad luck and misfortune they have been suffering from. The sociopath gets enjoyment by seeing you suffer one disappointment after another. 
The victim sees any small act of kindness on the sociopaths part as relief from the suffering they have felt lately. The victim feels so hopeless that they begin to rely on the sociopath to ease their pain, because they victim has no idea that it is because of the sociopath that they are having this streak of “bad luck”.

The sociopath gives and then they sociopath takes away. The sociopath wants 100% total control over their victims life  and reality. Sociopaths and psychopaths want to know that they have so much power over you, that they could manipulate you into such despair, that you consider taking your own life...

That is just how sick and evil the sociopaths mind is. They don't have a conscience to question their actions or intentions. So they continue to wreak havoc and destroy anyone who knows them, enters their life, or cares about them. 

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