Sunday, October 5, 2014

Psychopaths are everywhere in life.

The term was first used two hundred years ago when doctors noticed some of their patients had no ethical sense, and couldn’t grasp that other people had rights. 

Psychologist and psychiatrists preferred the term sociopaths for a while, but have now returned to using the original term psychopath. In general terms psychopaths are cold-hearted, insincere, over-confident, irresponsible, selfish, and have little to no empathy for anyone. 

That lack of empathy, lack of caring, and lack of a functioning conscience, allows the psychopath to do awful things to others, only to advance their own cause.

The Psychopathy Checklist — devised by psychologist Robert Hare, is the tool most widely used to diagnose the psychopath. It shows that about one percent of the world’s population are what we might call “full-blown psychopaths” — by the way that’s around seventy million people....

Unless a psychopath  is dead, they might never leave you alone. Especially if you share any children with a psychopath. They feel that they have the right to bother, stalk, harass, and make your life a living hell — and they will use the children to do so. A female psychopath will turn your children against you if she has primary custody. A male psychopath will do the same, even if he is not the primary caregiver. Every chance he will get he will tell the children what a whore you are and all kinds of nasty lies.

Psychopaths do not care about how they destroy their children's sense of security and take away their right to have a normal home life. They only care about hurting you. 


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