Sunday, October 26, 2014

Confronting The Devil

Anyone who has ever confronted a narcissistic/sociopath knows the damage that they are capable of. 
These types of disordered people are revenge seeking people, will explode, exploit, and destroy anyone who does not agree with them. The sociopath fears being exposed for who they really are. So anyone who will confront them, poses as a threat to them.
Anyone who has attempted to get answers from the sociopath has surely experienced their wrath.. The sociopath will never answer you with the truth. 

Sociopaths will do everything they can to discredit whoever dares to confront them. They will make damaging false accusations about the victim. 
In my experience, all the accusations the  sociopath makes is actually what they are doing to the victim..
All accusations are projections. 
Rather than admitting to having a problem and dealing with it, the sociopath and the narcissist will scapegoat their target with false accusations based upon their own psychological issues, failures, and weaknesses.
They only know how to hurt others in order to make them look better. It is how they cover up their tracks. Vilifying the victim by making them seem like the “crazy” person, or the abuser. 

Being married to a sociopath or narcissist, you are likely to be accused of having an affair, financial irresponsibility, and other less serious accusations. The sociopath will accuse you of being insecure, needy, and ‘unstable’. All are just more projections they are putting on to you based on their own insecurities and short comings  
This is how they break down the victim so that the victim begins to question their own sanity and doubt their own thoughts.

Abusers manipulate their victims by belittling them in subtle ways. Sociopaths and Narcissist are the most verbally abusive people. Their words are the most efficient weapon in convincing their partner that it is not them who have the problem. They make their partners feel incompetent and worthless. 
Abusive people are so delusional that they eventually start to believe they are the victim of their partner who they have abused for so long.  Some even convince their partners/victims that they are lucky to have someone like “them” who will put up with their psychological problems. Sociopaths are masters at brainwashing their victims. The sociopath /narcissist seek to erode their targets self esteem, making them feel worthless, stupid and unworthy of respect.

This is why people who have been in relationships with these monsters have a hard time developing healthy relationships after the narcissistic sociopath. They have no confidence, no self worth, they feel ashamed of who they are. 

This is how the sociopath wants their victim to be. This is how the sociopath maintains control even after the relationship is over.  
It may take years of therapy for the victim to begin to heal, and see that they are not any of the horrible things the sociopath has accused them of being. 

Spciopaths and Narcissist are so EVIL. The only way to heal from the abuse inflicted there must be NO CONTACT with the abuser EVER AGAIN. 
If there are children involved, you should seek professional help on how to deal with the abuser. Usually having a third party to communicate with the abuser is the only way not to fall into their manipulation. The sociopath will use the children to manipulate and hurt you. The third party will be able to decide what information is beneficial for you and what is not. 

Sociopath and Narcissist cause so much irreparable damage to anyone they have a relationship with.
So when children are involved it becomes even harder if not impossible to separate totally from the sociopath. 

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