Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sociopath ruin Christmas

Evil people have no ethics, no empathy and no compassion.  Sociopaths and Psychopaths and narcissist are evil.  They are characterized by a conscious and concern for others. They lack human emotions, they are ruthless, mean, and cruel. 

Evil people are hollow inside. Seeing a person in psychical or emotional pain does not bother evil people. Some even enjoy the suffering of others, and intentionally cause the suffering for their own sick and twisted pleasure. 

It's like there is no soul in side of them. They may look human, but their actions and mannerisms, make them more like monsters. 

Unfortunately these evil people need others to fufill their wants and needs. They depend on others to get want they want. They don't care how they get it. As long as they get it and are in control. They love keeping the people who they are in relationships with on their toes. They love keeping them doubting theirselves. They are evil 

Sociopaths don't give a shit. No use on wasting anytime trying to tell them how you are hurt. They truly truly DO NOT care. They believe the rules don't apply to them. Sociopaths think they are entitled to do what they what to whoever they want. 

Nothing good can come from having a relationship with a sociopath. In an intimate relationship, they are cheaters and will rob you blind. In friendships they will manipulate you and stab you in the back. If they are a family member, they ruin every holiday, birthday and they will use you and make life horrible. 

I use to LOVE Christmas. But I dread it now. Even with no contact the sociopath still tries to ruin every holiday. Especially my birthday, Christmas and Father's Day. It's so much superficial drama and bullshit, the sociopath has taken away the love that Christmas is suppose to be. 

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