Friday, October 17, 2014

It's All About Control

A sociopath is a liar and a user... They lie about everything. They use people as and throw them out like garbage. 

Plain and simple. 

This is old news though. We have known that sociopaths do not have a conscious and they have No sympathy. 

Seeing others suffer doesn't bother them. They could careless about children who are starving, homeless people, abused animals. 
But they sure will pretend to care, when they are trying to hook you in to believing they are a good person.

Truth — they don't give a crap about ANYONE but themselves

Sadistic sociopaths enjoy the suffering of others, so much so that they do intentional things to see living beings in physical and emotional pain. It's disgusting. 

They do not know, or want to learn, how to care about someone else. 

They are excelled liars and are very convincing. They are able to convince others that they care and are compassionate —this is what makes them so dangerous!  
Once they think you have you convinced that they are good people, thats when they begin to set you up to rely on them. They want you to be totally dependent on them. Once they feel you are dependent on them, that is when they manipulate you in a way that isolates you from friends and family. Convincing you that you only need them. “They are your soulmate”
Once they have you brainwashed and dependent, they begin to mistreat you, verbally abuse you, so that your self esteem is destroyed. They are masters of making others feel inferior and even “crazy”

You become their victim. You are confused so you try to understand them - that make them want to hurt you more, they do not love you - in fact they hate you even more.  If you try to leave them, they make your life even worse. They will turn people against you. Play the victim, making you look like you are the one who is obsessed and psychotic and out of control. They tell others, they are worried for you, and you are unstable and they want to help you. THAT IS BULLSHIT. They are trying to make people feel sorry for them, because they have “deal” with such a sad pathetic and insecure person... 

Their ultimate goal is to control everyone they know
They want to control the world. But for now they seek to control what is in their evil grasp. They want to control their exes, and their exes new partner. They want to control their family members.

Example - They want to control their mother and father and siblings. If they have a brother, they want to control the brother and his wife and their children. If they have a sister they want to control her and her husband and any children they have.
They want to control their parents. As their parents become older, the sociopath will manipulate their parents into controlling their money. They want control of the estate.  
Then once in control of all their parents  money and assetts they will not give their siblings any money that is owed to them from the estate. If they feel they are losing any control of a situation or a person, or if the person may expose them (the sociopath) for what they have been doing, the sociopath will go on a smear campaign to destroy the persons creditability and reputation. And will smile while doing it. 

The sociopath loves this kind of drama, it is just excitement for them. While you having Anxiety and are stressed and upset. It is like a walk in the park for them. They are not affected at all by any thing you do to them. In fact they do what they do to bait you to get that response. They enjoy being cruel, and keeping you on your toes.

BUT THE TRUTH IS — NONE OF IT IS REAL. They WERE LYING AND THEY STILL ARE! Rather they are lying to you or some other poor victim – they are LIARS - and they will always do what they do BEST - LIE! 

One trait I have noticed about sociopathic individuals (especially female sociopaths) but males also... 
They want EVERYTHING that EVERYONE else has. 
**They're very jealous of material things. 
**They have a huge sense of entitlement. 
The sociopath will tell you that money and materialistic things are not important to them. (Sorry folks lets get the laughing out now) BWAH HA HA HA HAAAA HAAA!! 
Ok... One has to laugh about that statement because it is so is so ridiculous. The sociopath cares ONLY about money! They have no feelings of love for anyone. They are hard wired to hate and take. They aren't concerned with the poor, the sick, children in foster homes or the elderly.
Their only purpose on this earth is to have more than Suzie has. Drive a nicer, more expensive car than Joe has. SOCIOPATHS ARE ALWAYS TRYING TO “Keep up with the Joneses”. 

The difference between A Sociopath and the Joneses, is that the Jones actually work hard for what they have. THEY MAKE AN HONEST LIVING TO HAVE the NICER THINGS IN LIFE. The SOCIOPATH earns NOTHING... They steal, con, scam and deceive people to get what they have.

It is why the sociopath continues to do horrific things to people. Most of the horrible things the sociopath does is not done to strangers (all though they will if the stranger has something they want) Most of the horrific things they do are to their family, children, spouse, and their many ex spouses. Their horrid acts will even extend to their ex spouses new husband or wife and their children - that the sociopath has no relation to.

They are truly RUTHLESS, HATEFUL, and EVIL PEOPLE. They are the people in our world that do not want PEACE. They don't want to help people in need. 

They wreak havoc on the lives of anyone and everyone they come into contact with. They will steal every dime you have. They believe in their twisted, evil brain that everyone “owes” them. That is their sense of entitlement issue...

Their sole purpose on this earth is to get more and more. They suck people dry. They drain your time, your energy, your life, your wallet, and your bank account. 

A SOCIOPATH ONLY loves themselves. If you have ever been fooled by a sociopath, don't feel bad, because you are not the first, and you will not be the last.  
Just REMEMBER what you have been through, and what you experienced. LEARN FROM IT. 
You now have the wisdom to help others, but also remember that you can bring awareness of a what a sociopath is and does. But you probably can't convince someone that the person they are with is a conscienceless, heartless sociopath. They will have to learn on their own, the same way you learned. 

A sociopath will exhaust every fiber in your being. It takes time to get yourself "well" again. It takes time to trust again. *Time is the key word here* Time heals all eventually. 



  1. what if they are threatening you via email? saying if you dont respond they will defame your character online...bankrupt you because they know your social security...veiling threats because they know where your family live...

    1. Sorry for just now responding, but I just saw this comment you posted. I hope your situation has gotten better. But knowing a sociopath or Narcissist is has probably not improved.
      My advice to you is to not live in fear (I know it is hard not to, believe I've gone thru this for years with one) I lived in a constant state of panic and anxiety. My emotional and mental was so badly affected it began to take a physical toll on my body. I couldn't sleep and my whole body was sore and felt in pain, from all the tension from the anxiety.
      My advice to you is to SAVE EVERY EMAIL,
      TEXT MESSAGE, or any kind of threatening document that you can print out and take to police and let them know you are scared for yourself, and family. Never answer any phone calls - they can be harder to record and document. Change your phone number. Make sure the locks on your doors are bolt locks and get some lights that have a motion sensor on them so if anyone approaches your home at night, the bright LED lights will come on, bright enough for you too see who is outside, and this will either scare the predator off or give you time to call the police

  2. Justice...I'm sure you've seen the number of comments that I've posted this weekend. I am in desperate need of help! PLEASE! Is there a way that we can email or message privately? My story is ten long years of hell...I would be so grateful!

    1. Are you still around? I can give you my email. Let me know first if you are still around and need help

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I am sorry I have been out of the country. Of course I want to help you. What can I do to help?

  4. what if they are threatening you via email? saying if you dont respond they will defame your character online...bankrupt you because they know your social security...veiling threats because they know where your family live...


    1. Document it! Screen shot it! It's actually great that you have this proof to use against them now. Print it all out. Save it to your computer. Call the police department - non emergency line. And ask what can be done about this. Tell them you fear for your safety and feel you are being harassed and blackmailed.

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