Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Obsessed, Jealous, Sociopathic Females

How can you get a sociopath to leave you alone? 

So you have established the NO CONTACT rule. You do not return any text or calls from the sociopath. You have moved on with your life and remarried, as has the sociopath. So why is she/he still harassing you every day with novel long text messages? The sociopath just won't get it, that you want nothing to do with them. You have figured out that every word the sociopath speaks is a lie. The more the sociopath tries to make you feel bad and guilty - the less compassion you have for whatever it is the sociopath is saying. You know the sociopath and all their tactics. You have heards all the lies, felt their wrath, and you have suffered because of what they have done to you and your family. You aren't falling for the sociopaths guilt trips, and lies anymore. So why won't the sociopath move on?

First off when there are children involved it gets even more complicated.. The female sociopath does not have any problem using the children as pawns or objects to try to continue to manipulate the man (the father of her children). She thinks because she "produced" children with him (more than likely she didn't produce any children with him naturally). 

When there are children involved it gets infinitely more complicated. Especially in separations and divorces. The female sociopaths have no difficulty (remember no remorse, guilt or pity for anybody) in using the children as pawns or objects to try to continue to manipulate the man.

The sociopath has one reason to keep harassing you... You share kids with the monster... But many people are divorced and share children, and they are able to share custody and have minimal contact. NOT THE SOCIOPATH. The sociopath will find every reason to contact you every day, regarding the kids. There is always something. It never ends. You are to your wits end with it. You have distanced yourself as much as you can. You have even been forced to distance yourself from your children because the sociopath gives you an ultimatum... Either respond and play the sociopaths game or be punished and not see your kids. You have slowly accepted this. And you don't see your kids because it's how the sociopath thinks they are "punishing" you. The sociopath hates you and your new wife more than they love their children. So if that means that the children have to be hurt, in order to hurt you then the sociopath is fine with that..

Remember you are dealing with a person with no morals, no remorse and no concerns for anyone but themselves.. They are mean, hateful, vengeful, obsessed, ruthless, and bitter..

So if you are not acknowledging the sociopath, you have no contact with her/him, then why won't they just GO AWAY?!?

It is because Sociopaths often try to control every aspect of their victims lives. Especially if you share children. They believe they have the right to control your for the rest of your life. 
That's how distorted their reality is! No one has the right to control anyone else. Sociopaths see you as "their property.” 
A good example of this is when a woman becomes unhinged when her ex begins dating or gets remarried — even if she’s already moved onto to another victim...or husband... She doesn't believe you should ever move on... (But it's ok in her screwed up brain to cheat on you, lie and then move on, but you aren't allowed to have a life after her) Yeah that makes a lot of sense...

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