Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Psychotic Bitch

Isn't this the damn truth. Still not sure if it was worth all the financial problems, emotional issues, and having to pay a drug user 3000 monthly so she can buy pills and crap. 

Not to mention the fact when you go no contact and refuse to acknowledge them, they still continue to text every day as if you are on "good" terms with them. DELUSIONAL. SOCIOPATHS ARE DELUSIONAL. Living in their own fantasy world they have made up. Since reality for them is so ugly and miserable. 

We didn't co-parent when we were married. Why would we start how. Crazy bitch 

1 comment:

  1. Your blog is so completely accurate. I've been educating myself on NPD since discovering people in my family of origin are narcissistic, including an older sister who is a malignant narcissist. I could only imagine what life was like for her ex & child, it seems like you were married to her. I'm glad you made it out alive, he almost didn't. There's no reason to get revenge, they are their own worst enemy, forced by nature to live a life without the ability to feel compassion, empathy or love is punishment enough.