Monday, May 5, 2014

The sweet innocent victim...

The sociopath will attempt to make everyone else look so guilty, and act themselves like the sweet innocent victim of the evil of others. 
Thereby, the sociopath hopes to evade being identified as the culprit.

The seeking sympathy route is usually short, for the track record of most sociopaths is so littered with victims that the idea that they are a victim themselves is hard to accept.

They are so full if lies and manipulation.  They twist the words of others, then by adding a twist of their own former words meant exactly as you properly hear them, only to turn around and say what they said was not something they meant - "you just are trying to make something out of nothing". This manipulation tactic is to make you doubt your own judgement and evidence. You may even doubt your own mind, remembering words that the sociopath said — that are now denied as ever being said. (This may be difficult to understand if you have never been targeted or abused by a sociopath) But the victims of sociopaths know this all to well. 

Sociopaths go as far as to accuse YOU of falsely accusing them.  And use the correct charge against them, as evidence of your desire to spread false lies about them. All the while they are spreading lies about you. Trying to discredit and destroy you. 

The sociopath has the ability to think quickly, having trained their mind to come up with deceptive excuses and unrealistic reasons for all their behaviors. If the situation is critical, they will stall for time with distraction, or simply change the subject. They are masters at not answering questions that are straight forward. I suppose they think they have gotten away with something, but usually the person dealing with the sociopath has just stopped caring and doesn't care. So they are not going to waste their time arguing with sociopath. Or trying to make them answer the question they ask. 
After all the sociopath will never be honest, so why waste anytime asking 
them questions... 

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