Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sociopaths and Relationships

Sociopaths have no real friends. They only have acquaintances who they either use it gossip with. They want to make others that they have so many friends. And with social media ruling our world. They can rack up 1000 friends EASILY ON Twitter. Making it look like they have supporters and fans. 95% of those "followers" they have never met. Yet they will claim to be friends with. 

They wil perceive anyone who Does Not disagree with them or openly "depise" them as friends. They don't know the difference between having acquaintances and friends, because the sociopath doesn't do actual friendship – there is no difference for them. 

You will not find many people who like them. If someone does like them, then the person is new and hasn't known the sociopath very long. If the sociopath realizes that a person has healthy personal boundaries and doesn't kiss their ass, and the person expects the sociopath to actually be a "good" friend. They sociopath rejects that person pretty quick. 

Remember the sociopath doesn't LOVE. They do not have the ability to feel love or show real love or loyalty to anyone. Everything they do and say is fake and unauthentic. Their brain is hard wired to take from others emotionally, and gain the upper hand. It's all about control. The love the sociopath gives is pathological. And her victims never know what hit them until it's Too Late. 

Sociopaths are incapable of being loyal or faithful to anyone in a relationship. It doesn't matter how great of a spouse you are. They sociopath cheats. They are always looking for that next thrill. They don't care in the least how they have hurt their partner. Actually they will still harass and blame the victim after they are divorced. They will never take responsibility for the divorce being their fault. 

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