Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Adult Bully

Sociopaths, narcissist, and psychopaths are all Bullies. They use social aggression to destroy their victims. They may indirectly do things to their victim to attempt to make the victim feel alone and out numbered. The victim will usually socially isolate. 
The bully uses social isolation to make their victim feel that everyone is against them and hate them. This kind of isolation is achieved by a wide variety of techniques. One of the sociopath favorite techniques is spread rumors about the victim. Making up lies about their target, that are embarrassing and shameful. Then the sociopath will spread the rumor to many people. Urging others to not acknowledge the victim. And to ignore the victim. The sociopath tries to turn the victims own social circle against her, with false accusations, and lies.

Adult Bullies are name callers. Most girls remember what it was like in middle school, they were bullied at one point. They were called names, and given the silent treatment. Or they urged others to laugh when the victim walks by. The bully mock the victim. Makes them feel as if no one likes them. 

The victim feels alone, and dreads going anywhere they feel the bully may be. So the victim Isolates and becomes depressed. 

One thing I have noticed with adult bullies is that they usually accuse the victim of the things that they are doing to the I victim. They will be stalking their victims and put out on twitter/Facebook -  how "they have a stalker" saying things such as "my stalker is back”. Anything that the bully can do to the destroy the victims creditability. Adult bullies can be mothers, fathers, mangers, etc... 
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Adult bullies will use their children. Saying things such as "I am being stalked and I am scared for my children". This way the sociopathic bully gains more sympathy by others by saying she if afraid for her children. When her children are Not in any danger! It is just how the sociopath makes her target (victim) look more like a bad guy — which this is really unfortunate for mothers and children of REAL domestic violence. Sociopaths look for what the media is talking about and something going on in our world that is effecting large groups of people and uses that to destroy her enemies. She has seen how bullying has impacted so many innocent people and how the world has sympathy for the victims of bullying. So she decides to become a victim of bullying - taking attention away from Real people who are being bullied to the point of suicide. 

The sociopath is such a manipulative liar that unless you know them closely (like you are family). They are convincing and believable. They don't have real emotions, that is why they look for things that people have sympathy for in the news and media and exploit others with it.  It is very sad for the real victims of bullies ...

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