Monday, May 5, 2014

The Sociopathic "Mom"

I don't think all sociopaths are insane. They are mostly "crazy makers". They know exactly what they are doing. It's all premeditated. They know when they meet someone that if the person can't  serve a purpose for them then they want nothing to do with them (consider yourself extremely lucky if they want nothing to do with you)! 

They are calculating and methodical and cold. They don't plan there lies out. They lie so naturally that there is no need to plan a lie out. They only know how to lie. 

Most sociopaths don't murder people. But when threatened to be exposed or if you threaten the sociopaths position - they are capable of murder. As they only see people as objects, not breathing, living, human being - that feel pain (mental and emotional and physical). 

Sociopaths feel no guilt, or remorse. They are slick people. They are sneaky. A sociopath thinks nothing is wrong with conning their elderly mother or father. Sociopaths know what others want to hear and they tell whatever that is when they need to manipulate someone. 
If the sociopath can't con you – they don't want to be around you. You wasting their time. Even tho the sociopath thinks NOTHING of wasting everyone else's time. That's basically all they do. Waste our damn time. They love knowing they are ruining your plans with their drama. They love being the center of attention. If they are not the center of attention they get upset and can throw temper tantrums like a child. 

Sociopaths and psychopath are emotional manipulators. Sometimes it takes someone other than yourself to point out that a sociopath is a sociopath and that they have been manipulating and lying to you. Kind and empathic people are good people and they sometimes live in denial that such evil exist. (And even worst - share a child with such a monster) 
Sometime when the sociopath is the mother of a mans children. He will do anything to get away from her emotional torment and manipulation. He realizes that everytime he gets his Children she will make it difficult and dramatic. And soon the man has no energy left to keep going through this every other weekend. He will simply pay his child support. Try to be there for his children. But give and stop fighting his sociopathic "baby mama" just to see them. This is not good for anyone involved. Especially the children, becauee now they are spending majority of their time with a very unstable and hateful monster - they have to call mom. 
They don't understand that "mom" drove their dad to mental and emotional and even physical exhaustion. And that he simply can't fight anymore. He removes himself from the drama. Which means he doesn't respond to her jack cracked messages and bullshit. The minute she gets involved in him picking up the children and starts in on him about everything he "must" do in order to get the children. He instantly gives up.  
Not because he is a bad man. But because he is broken and exhausted. And the life has been drained out of him by the sociopathic female...

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