Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sociopaths are so f*cked up

If you know that all sociopaths are compulsive character assassins, and pathological liars – it's easy to spot them. A sociopath has a trail of trashed good names and careers in her wake. She will even have told you strange and terrible lies about a person in her own immediate family - like her sister. She is jealous of her sister. She will trash her to everyone. But then pretend to be a loving family member. Sociopaths are so f*cked up.. They are the most evil of evil and have the most malicious intentions toward everyone. INCLUDING THEIR OWN CHILDREN 

If you know the person that the sociopath is telling you something strange about, compare the accusation with your own observations. A sociopath will have ignored that person's real faults and smeared one of his or her virtues as a vice! 

And, if you know the sociopath , you'll find the sociopath  is guilty of the very thing she's accusing this other person of. Once you figure this out - watch out because you may find yourself the next victim of her lies and defamation...

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