Friday, May 30, 2014

Masters of Deception and Lies

Sociopaths are master manipulators... They are hard wired in their evil brains to manipulate and lie. If you suspect that you are dealing with a sociopath or any other cluster B personality disordered individual, always assume that they are lying until proven otherwise. 

Some people have a hard time imagining that a person would lie about having cancer... Or lying about their daughter having cancer. But NEVER put anything past a sociopath. I have seen sociopaths lie about having uterine cancer, in order to gain sympathy from people whom she owed a large amount of money too. I have seen a sociopath tell the father of her children that their daughter (who was 12) found a lump in her breast and it was cancer and she was going to have to have surgery to have it removed. She even told her ex husband what time to be at the hospital and what hospital room it was and the dr performing surgery. Luckily my friend knew the doctor, and got in contact with his daughter, and he found out it was all a lie. He knew she was a pathological liar but he had know idea she would stoop so low as in to say his daughter had breast cancer. That was his “Ahh Haa” moment when it came to his sociopathic ex wife. He realized then that she was truly disordered and that he could not believe a word she said. So what was the point in communicating with her regarding the children? He knew that she would tell devastating lies for no reason. Now his daughter is 16 and his son is 13. And they both have cell phones. And he only communicates through his children. And very very rarely will have any communication with his sociopathic ex wife. Even though he has been consistent in having “No Contact” with her for over 3 years. She refuses to let go and leave him alone. He still is receiving text messages 4-6 times a week that are so long his phone can only receive half of the message. 
Before he implemented the No Contact Rule he was receiving 5-10 text messages from her per day, and at least 2 phone calls. 

Sociopaths are persistent but not in a positively driven way. Everything a sociopath does is because they are trying to control a person, control a situation, or seek revenge on those they cannot control. 
Unfortunately sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists, will never change. They will make the lives of anyone who is unfortunate enough to be related to them, or in a relationship with them -completely miserable. Sociopaths choose a partner who is empathic and kind (an easy target to manipulate). They lie to their families and their partner, and cheat with multiple partners, and when confronted they deny and blame. Making the person feel as is they are going crazy. The sociopath projects all their mental issues, and shames onto their partner, or their target, or a family member – especially when confronted with something that they have done or are doing wrong. Eventually people who know the sociopath STOP confronting him/her, because of the brutal backlash that it will cause. So most people who are not family, and that do not have children with the sociopath will eventually cut contact with the sociopath, because it is so hard to be friends with him/her. 
Sociopaths are takers. They take, take and take some more. They NEVER give anything back
They are parasites, and people are their host. They attach themselves to someone who has something to offer them, and suck the energy, life, and joy right out of that person. They drain people emotionally, physically, and financially. Once they have taken everything from that person, and the person has nothing left to give them, they discard them like yesterday's newspaper. 

So when you know that the person you are dealing with is a sociopath. Always check other sources when they tell you anything. Never repeat to anyone something they tell you about another person that is negative. Because more than likely they are attempting to start a smear campaign about that person.  All sociopaths, and psychopaths Do Not have a Conscience. They Do Not feel any remorse for destroying lives, stealing, lying, and cheating. No one can help the sociopath or reform them. Psychiatrists cannot help a sociopath. The sociopath will only lie to any trained mental health care professional. Therapy only enables the sociopath to learn more about human emotion, so they can manipulate even better. 

The best and only option for dealing with a sociopath or psychopath is cutting all ties, and communication. You have to take care of yourself. You will feel broken, and drained after knowing a sociopath. But it is possible to save what little you may have left if you can get away from one .


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