Thursday, May 22, 2014

Desperation of a sociopath

One of the clearest indicators you’ve got a mentally unstable person on your hands is smear campaigning –aka character assassination — spreading lies about you.
Sociopaths are always responsible for  starting these "Smear campaigns". They carefully and strategically tell blatant lies, exaggerations, suspicions and false accusations to try destroying their targets  credibility. 
They assume when you find out about the lies going on about you, you will react emotionally. This is when they make their full attack. Your emotional, angry reaction is totally valid. But the sociopath makes it  look like you ARE ACTUALLY THE CRAZY ONE. Their plan has worked perfectly... 

They will act as if they are upstanding heroism, pillars of the community, and feigned innocence in an attempt to make as many people as possible think their efforts are based NOT on their vindictiveness, but on upstanding concern, for their safety or their victims. 

Some people never realize they are dealing with a sociopath. They assume the person who has caused so many problems for them is bi-polar, has mental issues. They don't understand that everything that has happened to them was methodically calculated by a sociopath.  

The sociopath is so cunning and deceptive. They are the most fluent speakers, and manage to twist anything that is said to their own advantage. 
Even when all contact has been cut off. The sociopath still finds a way to harass their victim. If the sociopath cannot get you to respond. They will go to desperate lengths, in hopes you will have to contact them. For example, they will tell lies to people who you know. The sociopath knows the lie they spread will get back to you. Then they think you will have to contact them, because you will want to confront them with what you heard, and will ask them why they said this, or you will ask them to stop. Whatever it is, they see it as a victory. Once confronted they will deny, twist, flip and flop anything they are accused of. 

Sociopaths try to make themselves look smarter than they actually are. Most of their claims are lies they have made up to make themselves look smart, more superior to others. Rather the sociopath is smart or not, but one area that they for sure lack in is emotional intelligence or emotional logic. 

The sociopath always hits below the belt - even attacking the victims innocent children. She throws digs in here and there because she knows that healthy mothers and fathers are protective of their children. The sociopath is nothing more than a desperate low life. Manipulating and scheming her way through life. Making no real connections to anyone. The sociopath is obsessed, bitter and vengeful. As the sociopath ages, she can't control others as she use to. Looks are gone. And she has pissed off about everyone. 


  1. request discrete background check on issues by public guardian

  2. Thank you Justice for posting this blog. You are so right about the characteristics of a sociopath, they do not have a soul. I have been a victim of a female sociopath,my mother, and ended up in a relationship with a male sociopath. They are evil people who spend their lives tormenting and hurting their victims. I wish I would have known about their tactics beforehand so I would not have reacted but I didn't. I've realized I hat "normal" people react to their insanity because we are not use to their evil ways. It's all a game to them.
    Anyone who questions you about sociopathic behavior obviously has no knowledge of their ways. You are right on target about what you right so don't listen to the haters. Thank you Justice.

    1. Thank you Lauren. Sorry for the late reply. I just noticed your comment. I appreciate your Very wise and kind words. ❤️